Friday, 27 June 2014

Kanye West accuses new wife Kim Kardashian of hoarding?

According to new reports, Kim and Kanye are butting heads over Kim's obsessive compulsive desire to hoard things…

Sources tell Dish Nation,
"Kim rents two storage lockers and had two rooms in her old house reserved for piles of clothes and shoes she never wears."

"She also keeps years of backdated magazine and newspaper clippings that she's been mentioned in. Kanye doesn't mind that Kim is so self-involved; he just wishes she was more organized about it. He told her to scan it onto a hard drive and to toss the paper trail

"They had their first major post-wedding fight after Kanye threw out boxes of Kim's hoarded items because Kanye says Kim's crap is wrecking his design aesthetic."

"They don't see eye to eye on this topic. Kim was furious after Kanye told her she should go on a show like 'Hoarders.' He warned Kim that he can't live with her if she continues to stockpile useless goods."

Who believes this story? She's confessed on her reality show that she's a hoarder though.

I Married My Husband Because He Impregnated Me; I Regret It ––Actress Juliet Ibrahim

I told you guys that actress Juliet Ibrahim's marriage to her handsome husband has packed up, right? Well the séxy babe has come out to give her side of the story and why she regretted her once happy marriage.

She claims that the marriage was a big mistake in the first place that should never have happened because she only married her Kwadwo after he got her pregnant when they were into "rough playing" things.
As a result of the unplanned pregnancy, Kwadwo agreed to marry her so that they can give the child a home and start a family together. But to her dismay and constant agony, Kwadwo’s family never supported the marriage and even failed to show up during the marriage ceremony in open display of their disapproval and lack of support.
What further made the whole issue worse was that about a year ago, Kwadwo got involved with another lady who also had fair complexion and she started competing with her for the love and affection of her husband...

Juliet got very angry at her husband because the fair complexion of the said lady was as a result of bleaching and she wondered why her husband would fall for somebody like that. LMAO!! Men are unpredictable!

They couldn't manage the crisis that followed hence the marriage collapsed. It was also after the breakup with her husband that her relationship with Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna started.

Juliet Ibrahim's affair with IK Ogbona is kind of shaky but the guy is hoping that they will get along in a bit.

Cossy Orjiakor Exposes All Her Big Stuffs To Celebrate Eagles

Cossy has finally shown us what we have not seen before, those special parts she has been hiding and she said she is doing it for the Super Eagles, after they managed to qualify for the World Cup round of 16.

The busty mama is no longer ashamed and this is just the beginning.

Cossy is sure going crazy! Smh!

National Conference Finally Approves State Police

The National Conference on Thursday voted for the establishment of state police in the country. The conference, which also called on President Goodluck Jonathan to stop pardoning corrupt leaders, however said only states that had the financial capacity to fund state police should create it.

Apart from this, the conference adopted the recommendation by the Committee on National Security, that state laws should be used as a guide for community policing.

But there were a lot of disagreements among the delegates on the mode of transfer of federal policemen to states. While some insisted that police officers should be allowed to serve only in their states for effective policing, others disagreed, saying such a gesture could be misused by politicians.

After a long argument, the conference concluded that...
At least 70 percent of federal police officers from the rank of Deputy Superintendent to Constable, should be allowed to serve in their states of origin.

Before the state police proposal was adopted, there were debates by delegates on what the mode of operation of the state police should be and whether there would not be any superiority battle between the federal and state police.

Some delegates were of the opinion that there would be conflict of command and operations between the federal and state police. They argued that there was no way both could work together without rancour.

They raised concern 0ver the possibility of harmonious coexistence of both federal and state police in states, considering the fact that their duties might overlap.

One of the delegates, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, said that state police should be autonomous and should operate as a coordinate with the federal police.

On his part, Femi Falana (SAN), said, “The state police will police and maintain state laws while the federal police will maintain federal laws.”

Chelsea Makes €20m Offer For Emenike

Chelsea still have their eyes on Nigeria striker Emmanuel Emenike and the team have lodged a surprise €20m offer with Turkish giants, Fenerbahce. What more, they are ready to wrap a deal which will turn out to be one of Europe’s most quickest, if not unpredictable forwards once the World Cup concludes.

Emenike has spent less than 12 months with Fenerbahce after completing a late switch to Istanbul from Spartak Moscow last summer, but Turkish newspaper Fanatik is reported by the Metro to believe that Chelsea are chasing fresh strike cover in a move that has come completely out of the blue.

Emenike is currently strutting his stuff for Nigeria at the World Cup. Big money on the way for him!