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‘I can’t date Nollywood actor’

*Judith Audu

Fast rising actress-turned-blogger, Judith Audu who has starred in several Nollywood flicks including Seekers, Burning Spears, Huzzel, 4 Walls, Comfort Zone, and Life is Beautiful, may have had some dates before she delved into acting. But now, as an actress, she has vowed never to have anything to do with a Nollywood actor.

She made this declaration while in an online interview with HVP. Audu, whose first love is acting, said, “ I have people I admire their acting skills and crave to work with. But I don’t have a crush on anyone and I am hardly attracted to fellow actors.”

The Edo State-born actress believe that her veering into acting was accidental. According to her, “I didn’t believe I could end up as an actress because I wasn’t so bold to stand and express myself if front of people. But I wished I could and was so happy when I was bold enough to take the step out.”

Describing her ideal man as one that “listens and motivates me, makes me laugh, brings out the best in me, a hardworking, and understanding man,” Audu said, even though she is still climbing the ladder of success in her chosen profession, she’s indeed living out her dreams.

Audu is combination of brain and beauty. Apart from acting, she’s also a model, blogger, voice-over artiste and a foodie as she likes to call herself. She has been around for quite sometime. A holder of B.A degree in French and Masters in Public and International Affairs, the actress admits that her heart is with the arts.

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Assemblies of God Church: N150 million looted within 6 weeks – Rev Paul Emeka cries out

The embattled General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, Rev Prof Paul Emeka had alleged  that  over N150 million naira was looted by the Rev Chidi Okoroafor led illegal executives  just within six weeks of his purported suspension and that by now it is clocking close to half a billion naira. Speaking with Rev Obinna Akukwe, a church leader and Director of Media of General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM) who led a team of gospel ministers on a mediatory mission to resolve the crisis in the once prestigious Assemblies of God Church, the cleric said that he is ready for dialogue with those who wanted to remove him at all costs. He also said that he is ready to
forgive those who dragged his name to the mud in the interest of peace in the body of Christ.

GAAICOM officials also obtained a copy of his official reply to the allegations of administrative and financial misconduct which led to his controversial suspension in March 2014.  Rev Paul Emeka claimed that within six weeks of his purported suspension, the usurpers have already looted about N150 million naira and even went as far as forging his signature on a cheque of N9million naira. According to the cleric “these illegal men have looted and spent more than N150 million of the General Council funds. They keep holding these illegal meetings with the District Superintendents and Treasurers from zone to zone, telling them how they would remit money to them. They have opened new accounts because I keep blocking any existing accounts I discover. They are mercilessly dealing with the General Council funds with which they service their numerous lawyers and members of their think-tank whom they quarter in various places to keep manipulating the church and the court with lies. They even forged my signature on a cheque of N9 million on March 18. Thank God that the bank alerted me promptly”.

Rev Emeka dismissed his suspension as illegal and unconstitutional. Implying vindictive motive behind his purported removal, he said that “Suspension as a form of discipline in the Assemblies of God is designed to serve a spiritual and holy purpose and not to achieve political and vindictive purpose. The purported suspension pronounced on me on March 6, 2014 was the meanest exercise of discipline. It was motivated by hatred, god-fatherism, envy and opportunism. It fell short of a legal General Committee.”. Going further the embattled General Superintendent told Rev Akukwe and other clerics  that his suspension followed the usual unconstitutional means whereby Nigerian politicians remove people from office without recourse to laid down procedures and believes that there is “ a moral duty on me to resist this type of imposition so that it does not become a custom in the Assemblies of God Church whereby a few persons can just gang up and use force to remove an elected church leader without following the laid down procedure“.

Rev Emeka believes that there was no quorum for the meetings neither were the right participants in attendance implying that the committee that suspended him was an illegal one. According to him “The body that pronounced that suspension was a wrong one. The so-called General Committee did not have up to twenty unit heads out of about 105 unit heads. In other words, it didn’t have a quorum. In the roll call, according to the video, majority of the Districts were absent. Observers were used as voting members. This was in addition to the fact that the process was wrong. The GS is the only one authorized by the constitution to call for a General Committee.”. Clarifying further the cleric said that “The Ambassadors of the Kingdom filled the hall. The Ambassadors were to participate only if their Districts delegated them to come. But being Ambassadors did not automatically qualify them to be there and do business. Rather, they were supposed to be there as a party having a case with the GS. Unfortunately, it was the Ambassadors who wrote petitions against me, they judged me, convicted me, condemned me and punished me. They moved the motions to nail me, These were the same people who signed the petition against me.”

Rev Emeka decried the unholy involvement of the immediate past General Superintendent, Rev Dr Charles Osueke in the plot to unseat him and described the entire plot as “the unholiest plot of the century. It was anything but holy. It was driven by hate, a long-held desire to revenge a perceived a personal wrong. It was driven by a passionate desire to make good his plot to enthrone his god-son Chidi Okoroafor.”

Clarifying further on his claims the cleric said that “It is necessary to inform you, according to their video tape, that even before coming to the meeting, they had decided what to do to me, and the least of these evil plots was to step me down. This they decided to do even when they had not heard from me. During the meeting, they used votes to decide whether I would be stepped down or be suspended. In Assemblies of God, we do not use votes to decide the suspension of a person. You cannot decide the punishment of an adulterer, a thief, etc. with votes. Therefore, if I really had sinned and they knew it, there wouldn’t have been any need to vote to decide which discipline to mete out on me.”

Rev Paul Emeka alleged that his travails began when he decided to introduce financial propriety into the system. He decried a situation whereby in Evangel University, within the first month of operation brought a salary bill of N6 million naira and in the second month the salary was jerked to N9 million while by the third month it escalated to N13 million even when a student population of 73 does not justify such increment. He claimed to have complained that they were employing staff for the university without due consultation to the point that 135 staff were serving 73 students within a few months of operation and his complaints was misinterpreted as disloyalty to the status quo.

Rev Paul Emeka also believed that his proposal to increase the pension of retired pastors of the church brought him in conflict with an interest that wants their retired pastors to continue to suffer. He wondered why they preferred to use pastor’s fund to run offices rather than increase pension to pastors. According to him “As at last year, the pastors fund generated N2.5 billion from the time that scheme started, all that had been paid to the pastors was only N123million in 16 years, up to N300 million and more was spent on office.

The purpose of that scheme was not to run office or other things but to help our pastors in retirement but many of them are suffering and we felt free to our conscience to allow them in that state and pay lip service to our holiness. “

Meanwhile a senior cleric in the church who is part of the arrowhead of the suspension of General Superintendent, have claimed that the  main issues against Rev Paul Emeka has to do with introduction of strange practices in the church. Speaking to Rev Akukwe and GAAICOM officials on condition of anonymity, the cleric claimed that “Rev Paul Emeka introduced the wearing of rings, worldly dancing and singings into the church and is on a mission to radicalize the spiritual structure of the church. He is giving prominence to some Evangelists in the church who are preaching prosperity at the expense of holiness and the Ambassadors have to salvage the church before the devil takes over”.

He described Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as the man that will take the church to the next levels and expressed optimism that the meeting of the General Council scheduled for the 26th of June will finally “throw Rev Emeka out of the place for sanity to prevail”.


Healthy Living: Kanye West Builds State-Of-The-Art Hospital In His Home

Healthy Living: Kanye West Builds State-Of-The-Art Hospital In His Home

The Yeezus rapper is putting his family’s wellbeing top of his priority list, and is said to be installing a state of the art screening room at his Bel Air pad, which is still undergoing renovations.

Wife Kim Kardashian, and baby daughter North, one, will be protected from any medical threats with a team of on-call doctors.

‘The special suite will include an X-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound and blood-taking facilities,” a family friend confided to British newspaper Daily Star.
‘Other celebrities such as Madonna have taken similar measures in the past, but not on such a grand and costly scale.”

Kanye, 37, has spoken openly about his battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the past, and even credits the mental health condition with fuelling his career and his need to succeed.

The team of health experts working for the superstar couple will reportedly be on hand to check them over, should the stars need it.

‘The facilities will enable the family to monitor their sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

‘They will also have a team of private doctors around the clock, daily visits from top nurses and a full paediatric team for North,” the source said.


Nigerian man detained on psychiatric ward for “atheism”

Mubarak Bala from his bed in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
Mubarak Bala from his bed in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

A Nigerian man has been detained and medicated for over a week on a psychiatric ward in Kano state, Nigeria, on the grounds that he is an atheist, his lawyer confirmed today.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is deeply concerned about the case, for the welfare of the detained man, and the human rights violation that his detention represents.

Communicating by email and Twitter from a secreted smartphone, Mubarak Bala was able to raise the alarm that he has been held against his will at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital since Friday 13 June.

Reaching activists online early last week, he explained that he had been detained at the hospital on the grounds of a “personality change” because, having been raised in a Muslim family, he is now an atheist.

After one doctor dismissed claims of psychiatric problems, Mubarak’s family alleged that he also made delusional claims that he was a “governor”, Mubarak said. They also told “other trivial lies they could come up with”, including insinuations that his writing and activism on the Almajiri was a sign of madness, simply because it is “too big for me to initiate change”.

He wrote: “And the biggest evidence of my mental illness was large blasphemies and denial of ‘history’ of Adam, and apostacy [sic], to which the doctor said was a personality change, that everyone needs a God, that even in Japan they have a God. And my brother added that all the atheists I see have had mental illness at some point in their life.”

Mubarak had been somewhat open about his disagreement with religion, in a deeply Islamic part of the country. Soon after he was detained at the hospital posts appeared on Mubarak’s Facebook profile indicating that he was now a Muslim again. However, from the hospital, Mubarak wrote: “The fact that immediately I’m sedated they could take my phone and post [on Facebook] the Islamic Shahada proved their real intent, and family members (females) have been wailing that I’m bound for hell, so they had to make a move.”

Instructed by Bamidele Adeneye, secretary of the Lagos Humanists (an IHEU member organization) a lawyer has visited Mubarak in the hospital and has taken up the case.

Bamidele told IHEU, “Kano is a Sharia state and there are many similar cases occurring, where people are forcefully oppressed just because of their beliefs or for conservative religious reasons, or for the “honour” of their family. Often though you only hear about it afterwards, if at all. This is a rare chance to intervene while someone is in dire need and is still alive.”

For IHEU, Bob Churchill said, “It appears that a warped notion of family honour is the motivation to pressure Mubarak in this appalling manner, to conform to religious views that he simply doesn’t hold. This is an abhorrent violation of his freedom of thought and belief.

“In addition we are seriously concerned about Mubarak’s deteriorating condition. At his request, the lawyer has tried to take him some decent food, because Mubarak is weak and his hands were shaking after a week under medication. Also Mubarak’s messages, when he was still able to get messages out, have gone from almost bemused at his situation — saying “how funny” it was that his family equated atheism with mental illness — to quite desperate in recent days as the prospect of a quick release has diminished.

“We are joining with humanists and human rights advocates in Nigeria and the activists who have worked to highlight this case, in calling for an immediate re-evaluation of Mubarak’s case by a doctor who is entirely independent of the family, and for his swift release. We stress that holding naturalistic or atheistic views is a normal and reasonable position, that no one should be detained as a psychiatric patient for holding such beliefs, and that holding such beliefs is a human right under Article 18 of the relevant international treaties.”


This Babe Went Completely Naked At A Pool Party

Naija Babe

When you see horrible things folks does at the Party, you ask yourself if they have been drugged to do so because somethings are just unthinkable. We have been looking at the Photo above for hours and we are finding it difficult to point out why a lady will go this far in a party… Yes it’s a party and the babe you are seeing in the above photo is not even a Stripper

Naija Babe

Naija Babe

Naija Babe

Venus Williams poses nude for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue

Five-time Wimbledon champion and nine-time Grand Slam winner, Venus Williams poses all-nude in the 6th annual ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, which hits newsstands on July 11.

2face Idibia slams N100million lawsuit against Icon magazine for libel


2face Idibia has slammed a N100million suit against soft-sell magazine, Icon Weekly, for libel. The Media/Entertainment Law Firm of L & A- Legal Consultants has filed libel proceedings on behalf of 2face, at the Ikeja High Court asking the court to award their client the sum of N100million being damages for the libelous publication posted on the magazine’s online and print platforms.

In March this year, Icon alleged that 2face committed adultery by impregnating a 'Lagos top banker' who is supposedly his account officer in one of the new generation banks and that infact, the lady had every intention of keeping the baby. The story went viral, which 2face later denied.

A source close to the music icon said the story, which was found to be false, made 2face lose a very lucrative deal and caused ripples between him and his wife. Icon weekly is said to have approached 2face’s team for discussions on a possible out of court settlement.

2face Idibia's father starts treatment for cancer


The father of music superstar 2face Idibia was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. 2face himself revealed this early this month while speaking at a cancer charity event at Eko Hotel, in Lagos.

The good news is that he Mr Idibia was diagnosed early and has started the required treatment.

"He is fine and there is really no problem. He was diagnosed early and he has started the required treatment. 

He will be fine. It is just one of those things. The family will get through it. The whole family is behind him and most importantly God is behind him too." 2face said