Monday, 7 April 2014

Nigeria becomes Africa's largest economy

South Africa overtaken as biggest economy in Africa after Nigeria rebases GDP calculation to more than $500bn.

Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as Africa's largest economy after a rebasing calculation almost doubled its gross domestic product to more than $500bn, data from the statistics office showed.

GDP for 2013 in Africa's top oil producer was 80.22 trillion naira, or $509.9bn, the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics said on Sunday, up from the 42.3 trillion estimated before the rebasing, according to the Reuters news agency.

Most governments overhaul GDP calculations every few years to reflect changes in output, but Nigeria had not done so since 1990, so sectors such as e-commerce, mobile phones and its prolific "Nollywood" film industry - now worth 1.4 percent of GDP, Kale said - had to be factored in to give a better picture.

Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with 170 million people, has been growing as an investment destination owing to the size of its consumer market and growing capital markets.

'Exercise in vanity'

Analysts said the recalculated GDP would raise Nigeria's profile, but change little on the ground.

"Is the money in your bank account more on Sunday than it was on Saturday? If you had no job yesterday, are you going to have a job today?" asked Bismarck Rewane, CEO of Lagos-based consultancy Financial Derivatives.

"If the answer to those questions is 'no', then this is an exercise in vanity," he added, though he said the new figure was more accurate.

Many Nigerians shrugged off the GDP news.

"I'm not really impressed. I don't feel it in my pocket... It's not the masses who are rich," said Richard Babs-Jonah, 47, a small farmer, expressing the common view that Nigeria's economy is rigged in favour of a handful of well-connected oligarchs.

"Those controlling the economy, those with government contracts, get all the money."

Nigeria vs South Africa

Nigeria's taking the title of Africa's biggest economy will fuel a longstanding rivalry with South Africa.

South Africa currently represents Africa at the G20, as well as in the "BRICS" group of the most powerful emerging economies, which also includes Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Nigeria may argue that it should join those clubs too.

It will also enliven competition for investor capital at a time when South Africa faces challenges such as striking workers and high current account and budget deficits.

Despite its roaring growth of recent years and now a bigger GDP, Nigeria still trails South Africa in basic infrastructure - power and roads - necessary to lift its people out of poverty.

Source: Reuters

Mugabe revives Gaddafi's United States of Africa dream

Zimbabwean president claims a continental bloc united under one figurehead is needed to move Africa into global superleague.

Robert Mugabe

The muscular display of power and pageantry at the inauguration in Washington may be watched by envious eyes around the world. Not least among those who yearn to build another USA – the United States of Africa – under a single president.

Such was the dream of Muammar Gaddafi, a quixotic project that appeared to have died with the Libyan dictator but has now been rekindled by the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe.

Speaking in Harare after meeting Benin's president, Thomas Boni Yayi, who is the outgoing African Union (AU) chairman, Mugabe argued that a figurehead is needed to move Africa beyond regional blocs and into the global superleague.

"Get them to get out of the regional shell and get into one continental shell," he was quoted as saying by the state-owned Herald newspaper.

"The continent of Africa: this is what we must become. And there, we must also have an African head. He was talking of the president of Africa. Yes, we need one. We are not yet there.

"This is what we must go and discuss, but we must also discuss the issues that divide us."

The AU holds its latest summit this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mugabe, 88, warned that Africans are not as united as was expected by the founders of the AU's predecessor, the Organisation of African Unity, half a century ago.

"We really have not become integrated as an African people into a real union," he said. "And this is the worry, which my brother has, and the worry I have; the worry perhaps others also have. That we are not yet at that stage which was foretold by our fathers when they created this organisation."

The founding fathers had a vision of a continent united politically, economically and culturally, he added. "We are not there yet. As we stand here people will look at us, as me anglophone, him francophone, you see. There is also lusophone, but we are Africans first and foremost. Africans, Africans. Look at our skin.

"That's our continent, we belong to one continent. We may, by virtue of history, have been divided by certain boundaries and especially by colonialism. But our founding fathers in 1963 showed us the way and we must take up that teaching that we got in 1963. That we are one and we must be united."

A United States of Africa spanning Cape Town and Cairo was proposed by Gaddafi in 1999 as a way of ending the continent's conflicts and defying the west, but it failed to secure enough support from his African counterparts. Some suspected that Gaddafi wanted the job for himself – a charge that Mugabe is hardly likely to dodge.

There is a case for challenging borders that were drawn up by European imperialists and which continue to inhibit travel and trade. But critics say the notion of uniting 54 countries with their thousands of languages and ethnicities is currently untenable. In fact some parts of Africa have been moving in the opposite direction and seeking local autonomy. Economies are moving at very different speeds.

Lindiwe Zulu, international relations adviser to South African president Jacob Zuma, said: "I don't foresee a single United States of Africa with a single president because we are so diverse politically and otherwise. It is very desirable in the long term but I don't see it any time soon. There is a lot more to be done. We are still agonising over sovereignty."

She added: "When you call for one president, you are calling for ministers to serve under them, one parliament and one legislative process. There are too many things that divide us on political, social and economic levels. We need to have a common agenda and approach to human rights and development before we can talk about one president. We need to deal with democracy on the continent and leaders who think beyond themselves."

Richard Dowden, director of the Royal African Society, said: "The idea that one government could rule the whole of Africa at this stage is silly and unworkable. They need to build from the bottom economically rather than imposing a notion of unity from the top down; it's absurd.

"It is a dream of totalitarian fantasists, not the people. Africa is becoming increasingly local. I'm in Kenya at the moment and the forthcoming election is all about ethnic arithmetic."


I'm still open to marriage - Chika Ike

Nollywood actress Chika Ike, has revealed that she is set to marry again once the ideal man walks up to her.

The brand Ambassador of energy drink, ‘Bullet,’ who was once married to Tony Eberiri in 2006 before they officially got divorced in 2013, said that she was once a victim of domestic violence when she married and almost lost her life in the process.

“I don’t want to talk about the divorce because it is already in the past and I have since moved on. I am still open to marriage and I might give it a second shot because I believe in love. For now, I am most concerned with my own happiness”.

Speaking about the high rate at which celebrities' marriage are crashing, Chika said: “Celebrities also make mistakes. I don’t think they have a bad time combining their successful careers and managing the home front or their marriages on the side.”

“All the talk about some men being afraid to walk up to a female celebrity and ask her out does not make sense to me. Any man that cannot walk up to me and toast me is not manly enough. I don’t have a long list or criteria for my ideal man. All I want is that he must make me happy.”


LOOK: John Dumelo Spotted In A Commercial Lagos Keke Napep!


 Lol!..He Said ‘When the driver is nowhere to be found..i have to ‘move’ by all means. #lagos.’
 Funny but some said its simply humility..What do you think?.

Big Brother Housemates Caught On Tape Doing It

"Rough" things are happening in the House of the new Big Brother in South Africa. Two of the house mates, Lexi and Mandla, were caught doing the "thing" live in the bathroom. See the Photos below...

Many in South Africa are complaining seriously about the "things" going on in the show but they still continue.

Men Can't Resist My Séxy Stuffs –– Actress Evia Simon

Evia Simon came into Nollywood in 2010 and between then and now, the curvy actress has done more than 20 movies. Some of her movies include, Three Generals, Ifunanya, Oga Madam, Men in Bondage, Stubborn Generals, Girls Cot, When Love Dies, and a host of others.

Evia want you guys to know that she's a good girl, not those who are after money. She said:
“I am not the type of girl who is only interested in money. I believe in love. To me, love comes first. I hate to have anything to do with a guy because of his money. I can stand love and bear anything that comes with it but as for money I can’t stand everything that comes with it, because I hate it when someone makes me believe I am getting close only because of his money”.
What is the craziest thing a guy has ever done to her?
She said, he left his car parked along the roadside and entered the same cab with me just to have a word with me because if he had kept on driving he would have missed me. And it was so funny when I found out he parked his car along the roadside to follow me down to my house just to have a word with me.

She told Vanguard's Ayo Onikoyi that she has been having a flourishing career because of her talent and looks. Talking on how men react when they come in contact with her. “I find their reaction annoying sometimes and embarrassing. Some even go as far as screaming and they let me know I am the reason they are screaming. Some go out of their ways to do the craziest things," he added.

APC Presidential Ticket Saga: Christian Leaders Threaten Party

In Nigeria today, even those who are very educated have been blinded by religion. If APC presents a ticket of Muslim as President and another Muslim as Vice President, many Christians will dump the party.

The countries who are making progress in the world today have distanced religion from political leadership, no one is interested in your religion, but your character. Nigerians are not ready for progress. Simple!
As you read this, prominent Christians in the country’s biggest opposition party, All Progressives Congress, are threatening to quit the party over an alleged plan to field a Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket. There has been speculation in recent times that power brokers in the party have concluded plans to present a Muslim/Muslim ticket for the 2015 presidential election.
But some leaders of the party, who are Christians, are insisting that the party should present a Muslim/Christian ticket through a primary election or they would leave the party.

According to Punch, some of the leaders also kicked against a consensus candidature, which they described as an imposition by a section of the leadership.

There were reports last week that the hierarchy of the party had concluded plans to field a former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and a former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, as the party’s presidential candidates through a consensus arrangement.

Both Buhari and Tinubu are Muslims.

Also, there is the believe that Fashola, as a known performer, can be Vice to Buhari, but he is also a Muslim.

Sources said party strategists hoped that the Muslim/Muslim arrangement would help the party sweep the North-West, North-East, South-West and Edo State in the South-South. Buhari is hugely popular in the North-West and North-East while his proposed running mate, Tinubu is a major political power broker in the South-West and some parts of the South-South.

Even though the party, through its spokesman, Mr. Lai Mohammed, has denied the plan, it has not stopped few prominent Christian members from protesting and threatening to quit the party.

It was further learnt that those angry with the leadership of the party included members who defected from the Peoples Democratic Party to the APC.

Five PDP governors, 37 members of the House of Representatives and members of the defunct New PDP, a breakaway faction of the PDP, had dumped the ruling party for the opposition party in 2013.

Majority of the Christian leaders, who spoke to Punch, described the alleged plan to field Buhari and Tinubu as the party’s candidates as “unfair and inconsiderate.”

A top Christian official of the party, who spoke to one of our correspondents on the condition of anonymity, said aspirants should go through a primary election and the party must present a Muslim/Christian ticket to the electorate.

“They have been nursing the plan for long and they are close to hatching it. Any Buhari/Tinubu or Muslim/Muslim ticket may mark the end of the party. It will be an insult to us the Christians and we will not hesitate to leave their party for them,” the source stated.

Another aggrieved top shot of the party, who also pleaded anonymity, said although Buhari and Tinubu had not made their intention to contest known, the alleged plan was already creating tension in the party.

“Anointing Oil Is Nothing More Than Mosquito Repellent” – Tunde Bakare

While ministering in church on Sunday, March 6, General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and former Vice Presidential candidate under the Congress for Progressive Change, Pastor Tunde Bakare stated that anointing oil was like mosquito repellant.

“I am not against Anointing Oil. The thing is, it’s a Jewish Culture. They rub it on their bodies as Protection against insects like your Mosquito Repellents. It was used extensively in the old testament for anointing …It is the power of God that heals, not the Oil” he told worshippers.

During the message, Tunde Bakare condemned the use of anointing oil, anointed handkerchief, Holy Communion, communion of sprinkling, Shiloh sacrifice among others which some other denomination.

Daily Post.

Dora Akunyili’s Husband Says Wife Risked Everything To Be At National Conference. Dr Chike Akunyili At National Conference

Dr Chike Akunyili, husband to Professor Dora Akunyili, has been very supportive to her wife since the news of her strange ailment broke out last year.

The Doctor took to his facebook page a while ago to thank fans for their support for his fast recuperating wife.

“May the good LORD bless all of you that have prayed and still pray for my unique and lovely wife, DORA. She is a noted personality and risked everything for the love of our dear country, NIGERIA. I thank God that I was present when she made that very singular speech. It resonated in the corners of the Confab and instantly touched many hearts. The illness has not blunted her childlike frankness in our blessed 36 years of marriage. Thanks a lot”

Last Tuesday, the former Minister of Information, Prof. Dora Akunyili, appeared at the ongoing National Conference, with a declaration that the confab was President Goodluck Jonathan’s most courageous act.

In her contribution during the discussion on the inaugural speech of the President, the frayed looking Professor said the conference was Jonathan’s gift to the country.

Daily Post.

Millionaire Banker paid excess of £60,000 to shots lion

This is Millionaire Banker, Tory Advisor and member and supporter of Countryside Alliance Sir David Scholey.

He is one of many wealthy individuals who are willing to spend in excess of £60,000 for the privilege of shooting a lion in South Africa. These lions are bred to be shot in so called canned hunting operations which have grown significantly in South Africa over the last decade.

They breed the lions from cubs often bringing in tourist to play and walk with them boasting on their conservation work. The young animals are then prepared to be released into shooting areas where they will be brought out via meat baits in front of the guns of so called trophy hunters. In many cases the shooters will have been drinking and will blast wounding the animal many times before its killed.

Some operations even allow the use of high powered bow and arrows to kill lions. To make matters worse the hunt operations will provide the head and skin of the lion for use as a rug and a wall trophy and keep the bones which they will then sell into the Asian medicine trade at great profit.

This trade is leading to a huge increase in the poaching of wild lions across Africa (little over 200,000 left). None of this seems to worry Mr Scholey who seems very proud of his kill.

The Countryside Alliance and US National Rifle Associations are vey happy for their members to participate in these trophy hunts despite the obvious cruelty and its impact on the future of a threatened species. Next time the Countryside Alliance start attacking the RSPCA don't forget to ask them when will they throw out African trophy hunters from their membership like David Scholey.

Note: there is now a petition to have his knighthood removed please sign here (thanks Darren Cooper

Credit: OccupyLondon