Monday, 31 March 2014

Homeless single mom jailed for leaving her kids in car to go on job interview

What a heartbreaking mugshot. A homeless single mom, 35 year old Shanesha Taylor, who struggled to make ends meet is in jail after she left her two sons, a 2 year old and 6 month old in her car while she went on a job interview. reports...

The Scottsdale, Ariz. native was arrested after she left her young sons in a hot SUV that was locked with the windows cracked as she went for a job interview at an insurance company. A passerby heard Taylor’s youngest child crying and called police. When they arrived, Taylor returned to her car 45 minutes after police got to the scene, and when police arrested her, the two boys were reportedly “crying and sweating profusely.” Taylor told police that she was homeless and needed the work, and because she couldn’t find someone to watch her kids, she had to take them with her. This event occurred on March 20. Continue...

The response to her story has been split, with some people saying that while she did make a mistake, she was simply trying to find work to feed her kids. Others say, she left two kids in a hot car, it’s wrong, dangerous, and she should have known better. Well, those in support of Taylor have actually set up a fundraising campaign on to help raise money for Taylor and her kids, who are in the custody of Child Protective Services at this time as she awaits charges. The goal was only $9,000, which according to the person who set up the fundraising campaign, Amanda Bishop, would be put into an account for her family. However, the fundraiser has brought in a whopping $63,000.

Taylor is still in jail while her children remain in protective custody.

Was she wrong to leave her kids in the car to go look for a job? What's your thoughts on this?

SHOCKING: “Micheal Jackson Was A Drug Addict…" Dr Conrad Murray Spills Secrets

In a very revealing and his first interview since his release from prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Micheal Jackson, Dr Conrad Murray in a revealing interview with The Mail says Micheal didn’t father any of his kids, was a drug addict and had to wear a condom because urine kept dripping from his penis…

“You want to know how close Michael and I were? I held his penis every night. I had to put a condom catheter on him because Michael dripped urine. He had a loss of sensation and was incontinent. Michael didn’t know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him. It was the most intimate thing but he trusted me. I didn’t kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict,“Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson. I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest….. He was in crisis at the end of his life, filled with panic and misery … By the end, Michael Jackson was a broken man. I tried to protect him but instead I was brought down with him. Jackson had been dragged “into the abyss” of physical and mental anguish by the pressures of his London tour.

He was so unhinged in his final days that he didn’t allow his underwear to be cleaned because he feared the maids would sell it.“He also had a hip condition where the hip bone comes out of the socket. Michael wanted to know if I could arrange a hip replacement. None of them are Michael’s biological children. He chose friends or business colleagues to help him. Michael was a decrepit man, He wanted to “be cremated and scattered somewhere nice and warm” yet his family ended up burying him in a Los Angeles cemetery.


Two-Thirds Of Cheaters Would Have An Affair With A Boss If This Was At Stake

If you're cheating on your significant other, you might be willing to blur other moral lines as well -- like sleeping with your boss to get ahead at work.

When Victoria Milan -- a dating site for attached people looking to cheat -- surveyed 3,000 male and female members, 67 percent said they would have an affair with a superior "for a salary raise or promotion".

What's more, 42 percent of participants said they have already had an affair with a co-worker or a boss and 81 percent said they have at least "fooled around" with one.

"Sharing most of our hours working with colleagues leads us to establish further relationships that can deepen into more serious feelings or even unresolved sexual tensions," said CEO of Victoria Milan Sigurd Vedal.

"Many cheaters apparently decide to make a move and resolve that tension — not to mention improving their situation by getting a raise or a promotion!”

But despite the numbers, almost all the members surveyed understood it was risky business; 82 percent said that having an affair with someone at work can cause more damage than having an affair with someone else.

Credit: huffingtonpost

PHOTO: Man Proposes to His Girlfriend on The Air In Arik Plane

I guess this is romantic and many ladies will love it. But the guy get liver sha, to do this kind thing on air where a lot of people are busy praying that their plane should not get missing or anything like that.

The young man was given a different seat from his fiancée on the trip but that still did not stop him as he left his seat and walk down to hers, brought out a ring and, as usual, the girl said YES! See more pix below...

Credit: Gbolabo's blog

I Can't Date Any Man Who Is Not Good In Bed ––Actress Okoye

If you're looking for bold girls who can say their mind when it comes to bedroom issue, just go to Nollywood in a subtle way and talk to the young babes who are trying to make it in the movie industry. One of them is this cute actress, Crystal Okoye. She said any man who can't perform should not come her way.

 Below is what she told a reporter about her desire:

   "I am not one of those women who would tell you séx doesn’t matter; it matters a lot in a marriage. If a man cannot perform I have no business with him. You have to be a complete man to be with me. I don’t pray to marry a poor man...But a man who can comfortably take care of me. I love séx, and I am not going to pretend I don’t. I know most girls even fake or'gasm just to please their partners but I am not that kind of girl."

Credit: Gbolabo's Blog