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Onyeka Nwelue: An Open Letter To His Excellency Atiku Abubakar [The Trent Voices]

Onyeka Nwelue: An Open Letter To His Excellency Atiku Abubakar [The Trent Voices]

My dearest Atiku,

You still address yourself as His Excellency, which is palpably laughable. I will keep that aside and focus on what I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while. I don’t know you personally, so I don’t hate you. I remember you were Vice President when I was still a child. Since then, you have tried to become President. Yours dreams haven’t come true and I am very, very certain they will never come true. If you become President, I will go into exile; I will travel far away to Panama and live there until you finish deceiving Nigerians.

You are no visionary person, sir. That doesn’t hurt, does it? A man like you always talking about creating jobs and you use the word ‘young’ for Nigerian youths all the time to blackmail them. You are always asking young people to throw questions at you on Twitter to discuss job creation and many of them are very polite and respectful. They don’t get angry with you; they don’t think about the many years you spent as Vice President and now want to be the President of a country that has no structure; a country where its graduates come out and look like nincompoops because practically, they are incompetent. You have ABTI-American University, sir. That university, which charges tuition fees that are way bigger than what are obtainable in universities abroad where teaching methodology has completely been modernised.

I am not saying you are a bad person. I don’t like you as a liar. Politicians, generally, are liars. I have a list of them; the ones who lie way better than me. It confuses me how we can’t just think straight and actually list out the names of the people who have collectively destroyed this nation and yet, make us believe that they are the only things that we need. How can? How can we need someone like you when you only start talking because you need votes? How can we need someone like you who is always talking about how many jobs you have created? You are a very narcissistic politician! (What politician isn’t narcissistic?!) You listen to yourself lie and you believe your own lies.

I was not paid to write this, but what ignited this fire in me was your Tweet: “Young people of Nigeria, if you want to make a difference in your country, you must commit to vote!”

Oh my days! You sound like you just came back from another planet and that we’ve not been voting? We voted you in and you spent 8 years, doing nothing. Imagine being voted in to become the Vice President of the Giant of Africa, where there are no trains? No metro system? No good public transportation system? No proper internet? No access to quality education, because people like you, in a bid to clamour for political support, will go to deliver some speech at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, where students can’t find seats to sit down during lectures and where lecturers sweat while they are teaching a jampacked class.

For me, I don’t seek for anything from you. I have dined with people like you and I made a mistake by not using long spoons. All the young people who use generator sets and can’t even iron their clothes showing support for you are shameless nitwits and should query this man who keeps chasing his shadows. For the most part, we cannot sell our souls to people like you, sir. How passionate are you really to lead a country you couldn’t lead as Vice President? Trust me, you were not powerless as Vice President! Olusegun Obasanjo did not castrate you. You were just not willing to bring any change; you were intent on acquiring massive personal wealth, which I encourage every well-meaning Nigerian to acquire. Get rich and lie to poor people and deceive them. If people like you are not made away with in Nigeria by young people in Nigeria, we will live in this kind of society for the rest of our lives.

I beg of you to stop ranting on Twitter and Facebook like, retire from politics, get a life, go spend it with your money, enjoy all the wealth you’ve amassed, which I’m jealous of, but which you’d say you worked hard to get. But this is what Don Marquis said: “When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: ‘Whose?’”

Thank you so much for finding time to read this, if you actually did. And I don’t look forward to hearing from you.


Onyeka Nwelue

Onyeka Nwelue is currently Visiting Lecturer at Hong Kong University’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures. He is a founding member of The Trent Voices lives and he lives in Paris, where he runs La Cave Musik, a record label, specialising in quality music from Africa and the Caribbean.

Photos: Miley Cyrus Spits on her Fans during Concert

Miley is all about shocking her fans these days, and this time, she unleashed more than just her infamous tongue during her Bangerz tour in Tampa last week. On multiple occasions throughout the tour, the twerking 21-year-old sensation showered her audience with gulps of water and they appeared to enjoy it. Miley drank from a water bottle and then spat out an impressive yet vile stream onto her adoring fans. Miley - who can seemingly do no wrong -- repeated the stunt several times as the crowd cheered her on and appeared to enjoy the disgusting display.

During the vulgar act, the We Can't Stop singer was decked out in a plunging red and silver high cut glittery one piece body suit which revealed her long legs.

Caught Live: Nigerian Embassy Staff who Uses Diplomatic Bags To Smuggle Gold, Money

If you want to really know how those in government have been stealing our money and moving them out of the country without any challenge, then you must read the confession of this Nigerian Embassy staff:
"The easiest way is that, let's say this box is loaded with $1 million and they are going out with it or gold, or diamond. With my link, we use a diplomatic vehicle from here straight to Heathrow or Gatwick."
An international undercover investigation filmed by "ITV's Exposure" has exposed one of the many fraudulent staff at the Nigeria High Commission in UK who claimed he could transport items, including stolen art, out of "any airport" using his diplomatic connections and protection. Nigerians, now you know what is happening!

Posing as a criminal gang, ITV Exposure team, led by reporter Mark Williams-Thomas, met Mr Alfa Abutu in a London hotel. Abutu, a Nigeria Embassy senior staff told them he could transport their stolen art to Paris.

Mr Alfa Abutu, who didn't know he was being recorded secretly, told the men:
"Give me your suitcase, this suitcase usually has to be wrapped with the national flag before we can move it anywhere. And we use diplomatic vehicle whereby the police authorities will not stop us."

Exposure told Abutu the art was worth nearly £1million, to which he suggested a commission of £250,000. In a series of meetings with undercover reporters, Abutu also claimed he could help transfer money, and smuggle diamonds and gold out of the country using an embassy car and its associated privileges.

"The easiest way is that, let's say this box is loaded with $1 million and they are going out with it or gold, or diamond. With my link, we use a diplomatic vehicle from here straight to Heathrow or Gatwick," he said."They will not open the box they are bringing out. It's not a problem."

After Mr.Abutu later found out it was a fake deal, and was asked to comment on Exposure's findings, Abutu denied any wrongdoing and said he had never been involved in criminal activities. He said he is local staff, not a diplomat, doesn't have diplomatic immunity and couldn't have assisted the Exposure team to move an item.

He turned around to claim that he just played along as he believed the Exposure's team was not genuine.

But following the revelations, the Nigeria High Commission immediately suspended Abutu from his position in the accounts department, where he had worked for 6years, saying it "utterly condemns Mr Abutu's conduct".

Spokesman Ahmed Inusa said:
We supports the press and the media in their good work to expose embassy workers…who either pose as diplomats with a view to committing criminal acts for financial gains or diplomats who abuse their diplomatic privileges for any reason. The Mission thanks ITV staff in particular, for the good work they have done.

Once again, Nigerians, now you all know that we have thieves in positions of authority in Nigeria. Really Sad!

Indian Mob Attacks, Beats up Nigerian Tourist after he Missed his Way in India

A Nigerian tourist who lost his way in India was chased and thrashed by a mob that suspected him of being a terrorist or a member of an Indian guerrilla group, known as the Naxalites. According to The Times of India, the Nigerian identified as Clinton Osemwegi Igbinosun was attacked during late night hours of Wednesday. He sustained serious injuries, lost all his cloths and fell into an open sewer puddle as he fled for his life through the lanes of the village of Allapalli, located in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India

Exhausted and beaten, Clinton laid naked in a narrow lane when he was rescued by the local police after
midnight. Police verified his claims and are going to hand him over to Foreign Registration Office (FRO) on Friday.

SDPO, Aheri, Suhas Bauche said that Clinton is a Nigerian visiting India on a tourist visa. He was heading to Bangalore from Delhi by a train. However, he got irritated by the poor services and amenities in the train and disembarked at Nagpur on Wednesday morning.

Clinton then decided to travel by bus and asked people for a bus heading to Bangalore (Vengaluru). People however failed to understand his African accent and showed him a bus for Ballarshah (Ballarpur). He boarded and disembarked by afternoon. Clinton got frustrated on learning that he reached a wrong destination and decided to head back to Allahabad from where he had initially started his journey. Again he asked for a bus for Allahabad at Ballarpur bus-stop and because of his Nigerian accent, people showed him the bus for Allapalli.

He reached Allapalli at around 10pm and instantly understood that he had again reached a wrong place. People turned suspicious towards the more than six-and-half feet tall Nigerian as he started looking for a hotel and sought direction for airport late in the night in the Naxal-affected area. SPDO Bauche said:

“His English in African accent is very difficult to understand. Cops too had a difficult time in understanding what he said. His tall demeanour and African looks turned people suspicious towards him. He claimed that people sought explanations in local language and broken English, which he didn’t understand either.
As the crowd grew bigger, Clinton got afraid and started fleeing. People got more suspicious and started chasing him. Though Bauche did not confirm of Clinton being thrashed, local sources claimed that he was chased and beaten by the people.

How Clinton lost his cloths is however a puzzle. Cops suspect that he might have himself taken off his cloths after he fell into the sewer.

After running for hours to save his life, Clinton managed to dodge the crowd and took refuge in a narrow lane between two houses. Vilas Bandawar who woke up hearing mayhem, saw an exhausted and injured Clinton laying naked. He helped him wash by pouring water and gave a lungi.

Meanwhile, cops had reached the place on getting information and took him to hospital.
“We have confirmed his whereabouts and cross-checked his claims. Clinton turned out to be an innocent foreigner who lost his way. We are going to hand him over to FRO officials,” said Bauche.

Reasons why our sisters are not getting married by De Sammy
South African president Jacob Zuma, 68, celebrates his fifth marriage (37-year-old becomes third current wife)

What could be the reason why our sisters are not
getting married? Let us look at my few reasons: bitter truth shaaa

1. Lack of Respect: It is obvious that our sisters are
too full of themselves. Throughout my years in the
university, I hardly see any young girl that greets her
male colleagues even those in higher levels. We know
that this is Africa where men value respect. Our
sisters have this mindset that men have to worship
them because they have womanliness which every
man is clamoring for but they are wrong. Men
equally have joystick that they need. Why are our
women suffering from moral decay? I know a young
girl that got married simply because she shows too
much respect to everybody she sees and one day she
did so to a multimillionaire who eventually married
her. The girl in question is ugly but many beautiful
girls need a miracle to be like her.

2. Ego and Pride: The more education our girls get,
the more they feel too pompous. Men are looking for
a wife who will be submissive enough to reason with
him so that they can join hands and build a family.

3. Parasitism: I am truly sorry if I refer to some of
sisters as parasites. However, the truth is bitter but it
must be told. I feel bad when girls list ridiculous
criteria of the type of man they want to marry. The
fact is that, they don't have what it takes to attract
such men. A girl who can't construct a correct
sentence in English wants to marry a first class
graduate who works in shell or Total. Why? So that
the dude can pay all her bills and equally cater for the
needs of her siblings. Also, my guy will make up for
her mental weakness. Funny enough, a first class or
2.1 graduate is wise enough to determine what is
good for him.

4. Fake lifestyle: Pinging with the latest blackberry
and telling a lot of lies on how rich your parents are
will never make him love you. Be sincere for once.
Your lies can only attract play boys and gold diggers.

5. Tribalism: Don't be surprised my people. I talk out
of experience. Many girls and even men will NEVER
marry you if you are not from their tribe.

6. Selfishness: This a- me-alone attitude is common
among some girls. Your need N50,000 for shopping
from your man who can't boast of a single nice shirt
in his wardrobe. To you, all that matters is collecting
the money and buying all sorts of expensive dresses
whereas your fiancé looks like an errand boy.

7. Hyper-selective: Believe you me, the kind of man
some women want to marry do not exist on this
planet earth. The only perfect person worthy of their
ridiculous criteria is Jesus Christ of Nazareth and if
God were to become man, they will never marry.

God bless ƔϑU

De Sammy