Tuesday, 25 March 2014

12 Reasons Having Curly Hair Rocks


Something great has happened in my life recently and I want to shout it from a mountaintop. I want to tweet it, Instagram it, make it my Facebook status and make a Vine about it. No, I didn't get pregnant or land my dream job. I didn't join a cult. I accepted my curls. I decided that curls rock. Curls are cool! Curls are like if pizza had a baby with a tiny polar bear who wears leather jackets just 'cause he feels like it. Curls are better than ice cream with gummy bears on top. (OK, maybe I went too far with that last one.)

This level of curl-acceptance is a recent development. I wasn't always like this. I've spent hundreds of dollars on Japanese straightening treatments and Brazilian blowouts. I've burned my neck with straightening irons and paid six times what my friends did at the dry bar. I've put 75 different products in my hair and let it dry in a braid expecting shiny, soft waves and then crying when the result was a crispy but still somehow frizzy rope. Then there was the time I asked my friend Matt to iron my hair -- with a real iron -- so that my crush (a boy with dreadlocks) wouldn't see my unsightly curls. Oh, the drama.

Those days are now behind me. From now on, I'm embracing my hair. And you, my curly-haired sisters, should too. Here are 12 reasons having curly hair rocks:

1. You are easy to spot in a crowd. You could be lost in a swarm of humanity at Disneyland and your group will be able to find you. You cannot get lost. Believe me, I've tried.

2. Sometimes children will stare up at you and your curly locks like you're the Queen of all the Muppets and Disney Princesses. Last 4th of July, this happened to me and it was awesome. The little girl kept looking from my hair to her own straight hair and laughing.

3. Fancy hair means curls. When you're pulling bridesmaid duty, your hair is already "fancy" so you'll spend minimal time in the chair and maximum time "making sure the champagne is OK."

4. With curly hair, you don't even need sleep or caffeine; you already look alert and quirky. Go get 'em, Tiger! Turn that yawn into a roar!

5. Curly hair equals big personality. You can try being shy with curly hair, but people think you're bold and approachable so you might as well be bold and approachable. Think of all the friends you'll make! Oooh, you're so popular!

6. Wearing your hair curly feels like a rebellion. Oh yeah, look at you, you're such a rebel. Congrats, you little badass.

7. You can dress like the lead singer of an '80s hair band any time you want. All you need is a hair pick, some hairspray and a little eyeliner and HELLO, 1983 Jon Bon Jovi!

8. Who needs a bun maker? Your big, awesome hair makes a super fierce topknot without any help from a stupid foam donut. And, you don't need any help making it look artfully messy either. (The same goes for braids and side-ponytails.)

9. Curly hair distracts from whatever you want it to: circles under your eyes, pre-menstrual chin breakouts, the earrings you hate but are wearing anyway because your great-aunt gave them to you and you're meeting her for brunch.

10. On an island vacation, you can let your hair dry naturally and hit the Mai Tai bar early while your girlfriends are still blow-drying and flat ironing and curling and spraying.

11. There are no photos of you with a bowl cut that might pop up on Facebook on Throwback Thursday. Maaaybe a couple of claw bangs pictures, but no bowl cuts!

12. You're rocking your natural hair and you're beautiful for it. Seriously. You're gorgeous. I want to hug you. Come here. Where are you going?

3 to die by hanging for kidnap, murder of infant

AKURE— FOR the kidnap and murder of a one and half-year-old infant an Akure High Court, weekend, sentenced three men to death by hanging.

They are Olusegun Obaro, Jonah Lase and Theophilus Friday.

The presiding judge, Justice Olusegun Odusola, said the first and second accused persons were guilty of kidnapping and murder, while the third accused person was only guilty of murder.

The accused persons were brought under a two-count charge of kidnapping and murdering the infant, contrary to and punishable under Section 3 of the Ondo State Anti-Kidnapping and Abduction Law 2010, and murder contrary to Section 316 and punishable under Section 319 of the Criminal Code Laws of Ondo State.

The one and half year old infant was said to have been kidnapped in the night from her parent’s residence at Ikorigho in Igbokoda on June 17, 2011.

The corpse was said to have been found near the residence of the parents with her right eye, right ear, right breast and the right part of her scalp removed.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges during the trial.

Justice Odusola submitted that the totality of the evidence before him showed that the prosecution had proved that the three accused persons were responsible for the death of the deceased.

He said: “The offences for which the accused were charged are strict liability offences. Death penalty would be the punishment for each of the counts. Having found the 1st and 2nd accused guilty of both counts, the 3rd accused is guilty of murder.

“In sum, I hereby sentence Olusegun Obaro, Jonah Lase and Theophilus Friday to death by hanging.”

Husband Beats Wife To Death Over Sex In Cross River

Tragedy struck at Iwuru community in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State as a 45-years-old man simply identified as ‘Bassey Akwa Ibom,’ allegedly killed his wife for denying him s*x.

The suspect and his late wife, popularly called Mmamma, were said to be farmers and had lived in Big Iwuru with their seven children for decades before the ugly incident.

According to eye witness account, the incident happened on Thursday, last week at about noon when the duo went for their usual farm work and a quarrel ensued between them.

The witness, said the man had demanded for s*x from his wife but she told him that she was tired and begged him to hold on until they get back to the house in the evening.

“I heard the late wife begging that he should hold on until they get home, but the man was not prepared to let go as he rather, decided to beat her up after he had tried unsuccessfully to make love to her in the farm.”

Consequent upon this, the woman slumped and gave up the ghost after she had shouted for help and none came.

At the village, some neigbhours confided in Daily Sun that the suspect is fond of torturing the wife.

According to them, they had separated fights between the duo on the flimsy excuse that the woman was no longer cooperating with the suspect aqnd on such occasions, he either threatened to send her packing or deal with her.

One of the neighbours, said: “We had tried to settle them to no avail. That man always complained about the late wife. We have often times pleaded with him to leave the woman alone before she dies in his hand and finally, she has died. “This has put the entire community in trouble because police would expect us to provide information about the incident. As I am talking with you, most youths have fled the village for fear of being arrested. Now, who will take care of the seven children left behind by this woman?”

Meanwhile, the youths of Iwuru have threatened to ostracise Bassey from the community once he released by the police, saying such a man cannot live in their midst anymore because he has committed grave crime against his host community.

It was gathered that but for the intervention of some elders and the children left behind, the man would have been lynched even before police’s investigation.

Checks by Daily Sun revealed that the man has been arrested and was being detained at Biase Divisional Police station, undergoing interrogation.

When contacted on phone, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Cross River State Police Command, Mr. Hogan Bassey, said such matter had not been made known to his office.

Indian actor and Nigerian businessman arrested for drug trafficking

A top Bollywood actor, Nanduri Uday Kiran (29) and Nigerian national Rotimi Olusola Kehinde were today arrested by the East Zone Task Force Policemen in India for allegedly transacting a drug deal in Jubilee Hill in India.

According to India Police , Rotimi came to India on a business visa and developed local contacts in trafficking of narcotics drugs in Bangalore and Hyderabad after procuring drugs from one Hakeem, a Sudanese national residing in Delhi. They were arrested when both men were seen negotiating for the drug which cost Rs 1,500 per gram and sold for Rs 3,000 per gram, depending on the clients needs.

15grams of hard drugs were found on both men when the were arrested. Uday Kiran acted in films like 'Parare', 'Rakshakulu', 'Yuvarajyam' and 'Facebook'.

Female Student Abducted and Rap'ed For Days By Driver In Lagos

The State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, has arraigned a 28yrs old man, Gbenga Asaye, before a Lagos State Magistrate’s Court for allegedly abducting and ra'ping a female student of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. The police said the incident happened at the Agege area of the state.

The 18yrs old girl had left her mother’s shop on January 21, 2014, heading to school, but had transportation challenge due to lack of money.

Unfortunately for her, she met Gbenga Asaye, a family friend, on the road. The guy promised to assist her with money and take her back to school in his vehicle...

Gbenga, an Ogun State indigene, was said to have, however, taken the student to his house in Agege where he forcefully had carnal knowledge of her. Sadly, she who was a virgin before the encounter.

The victim was said to have been abducted by Gbenga for 21 days and he kept "doing it" for the 21 days. The girl couldn't escape as could not muster the courage of telling her parents she had been deflowered.

The mother was said to have reported a case of missing person at the Pen Cinema Police Station, after which enquires about the whereabouts of the girl led to the arrest of Gbenga Asaye.

He was arraigned on Monday before an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court on one count of abduction.

The charge reads, “That you, Gbenga Asaye, on January 21, 2014, at 3, Enimature Street, off Oyemekun Street, Agege Lagos in the Lagos Magisterial District, did abduct one (name witheld), aged 18 years for the purpose of sexual intercourse and held her against her consent until February 10, 2014.”

Surprisingly, the guy pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His lawyer, Gbolahan Samuel, applied for the bail of the his client, Gbenga Asaye, in liberal terms. In the words of the lawyer: “My Lord, this is not a case of abduction as it has been made to look on the charge sheet. It is a case of boyfriend and girlfriend.”

The magistrate, Ms Y.B. Badejo-Okusanya, granted him bail in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties. And the matter was adjourned till March 31, 2014 for mention.

Could this really be a case of boyfriend and girlfriend? Did the 18yrs old girl went to camp with her guy and she is now claiming abduction and rape after her mother caught her in a man's house? What do you think?