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Former teacher divorcing Britain's wealthiest woman entrepreneur because he doesn't like being rich

Former maths teacher Tony Hawken, 57, is splitting from Xiu Li, 51, because he says he is fed up with being wealthy.

The couple were catapulted into the world of the super-rich after Li's idea of building shopping centres in disused Chinese air-raid shelters earned her an estimated £1.1billion by 2011 and placed her on The Sunday Times Rich List.

Tony Hawken, 57, is divorcing his wife Xiu Li, 51, Britain's wealthiest woman entrepreneur, because he says he doesn't like being rich and is 'not in the habit' of spending lots of money

The pair traded up their semi-detached home in South Norwood, London, and bought a £1.5million house in Surrey.

Li, who is now worth $1.2billion (£700million) according to Forbes, quickly settled into a life which included sipping a £900 bottle of wine on a luxurious yacht.

However, Mr Hawken says he felt more comfortable getting lunch in his local Wetherspoon's.

Despite his sudden wealth he continued to buy books from charity shops, and shunned designer clothes.

In an interview with The Times, he said: 'I think it made me uncomfortable because I'm not in the habit, I don't like spending lots of money — I've been brought up that way.

'Until recently I was never a wealthy person. I've been moderately comfortable because I have been careful with my money.'

Now the couple have decided to part, Mr Hawken will walk away with just £1million, but says it will be enough for him.

He added: 'I have got a settlement which is not great, but it's enough for me because I don't have an extravagant lifestyle. I won't have to work if I'm careful.'

On a recent trip to China, Mr Hawken said his wife took him on a yacht and treated him to a £900 bottle of wine, but he prefers his local Wetherspoon pub.

'I'm getting a pittance when you consider her potential wealth, but I don't really want to fight it.'

Mr Hawken met Li on a blind date while he was still a teacher and she was studying English.

The couple married, but as Li's business took off the couple spent more and more time apart. Mr Hawken says the couple have spent most of the relationship apart.

Far from driving them apart, Mr Hawken believes the distance kept them together, and says they would have divorced a long time ago if they were under the same roof.

Mr Hawken says his only regret is not getting a divorce sooner, but he didn't push for it over fears it would affect the couple's teenage son William, now 17.

Mr Hawken no longer teaches full-time, but instead gives free tuition to under-privileged children.

Li owns 22 shopping centres and is president of football team Guizhou Renhe, who are third in the Chinese Super League.


“Why I always Play Bad Roles” – Patience Ozokwor

The case of Nollywood Actress Patience Ozokwor is an ironic way of life, Most people love Patience Ozokwor, because according to them she is Kind-Hearted on the inside and in the real world. But the reverse is the case whenever she picks up a movie script, Movie lovers call her Margaret Thatcher of Nollywood, but she is so tender and kind-hearted when she is not on set. Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G, in a new interview with Yes magazine, explained why she usually plays wicked, evil woman roles.

Why do you always take up the role of a bad woman in movies?

People should admit that I have something to play! People are known for stunts, romance, bad boys and girls, gigolo and so on, but I have that as my strong point. It was when I was coming up that I thought I might get hurt or be hated for playing those roles but I never knew it was going to even make me popular and loved.

The roles I play most times are very vibrant and make people want to watch all my movies; even if I play the role of a good woman now my fans will start complaining, you understand? And if your fans start complaining that they don’t want you in a particular role, it makes the producers want to give me those bad woman roles the more.

I don’t ask for it, they just give it to me and if the script I get has something new and my fans are anxious of what the role is going to be like, I can make it different from what I used to do.

It is not easy to play bad roles at all times. Ask any artiste around you and they will tell you it’s not easy to cry and shout on set at the same time when it isn’t your normal self. It is not an easy task at all.

Credit: iNewsGhana

FOR SALE: 4 Bedroom Duplex with BQ at Ikota Villa Estate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

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5 Things Women Are Judged More Harshly For Than Men

When it comes to gender, double standards are alive and well. Let's face it: despite all of the advances toward gender equality, many people still expect different things from men and women.

This is why studies about female breadwinners or advertisements featuring stay-at-home dads are newsworthy, why "boys will be boys" is actually still a phrase humans use, and why it's standard for men to catcall women on the street and not vice-versa. These inequalities arguably exist because it's common for people to judge mens' and women's behavior by different standards.

Redditor blackbirdholiday asked other Reddit users to identify some of the things women are generally judged more harshly for than men.The results made us realize just how much has to change.

Here are five things Reddit users believe society looks down on women for:

1. Having "too many" sexual partners. While no-one's "number" should matter, the sexual double standard is alive and well. Men who sleep around are "studs," but women who do the same are "sluts." What's more, a disturbing study found that women labelled "promiscuous" were rejected by their male and female peers, which is all kinds of messed up.

2. Having a messy home. Though an estimated 81 percent of men and 87 percent of women report feeling anxious about home upkeep, women still do the majority of the housework. Why? Because women are judged much more harshly than men for having a messy home. We like the attitude HuffPost blogger Claire McCarthy shared in her Feb. 25 post: "We have more important things to do. If there is some time left over after we talk, eat together, play together and finish this really great book, we'll clean. If not, well, it can wait."

3. Being overweight. Though both men and women experience fat prejudice, studies have found that overweight women feel more societal pressure to lose weight than overweight men.

4. Being blunt or assertive. A woman who speaks her mind too much is deemed bossy, aggressive or arrogant -- whereas a mouthy dude is simply showcasing his executive leadership skills.

5. Not having children. Childfree women are often referred to as "selfish" and told they will regret their decision not to have kids. Because what kind of unnatural woman would never want to be a mother? Men get no such flak -- being a dad isn't considered to be an essential part of manhood. Plus, men have way more time to decide if they want kids! (But they still have biological clocks, too.)

Credit: huffingtonpost

I am a Sex Addict – Musician Confesses

She’s bold, beautiful and a bombastic specimen who has never ceased to either over-awe or confound people’s imagination.

Controversial Nigerian singer, who is well known for her x-rated photographs, Caroline Sam, popularly known as Maheeda, has admitted that her seeming obsession with sex is not just only a ploy to drive attention to her music but that she is addicted to it.

She’s bold, beautiful and a bombastic specimen who has never ceased to either over-awe or confound people’s imagination. Her stock in trade is music, gospel music and her own ingenious way of selling it to the people is to enshroud it in her sexuality.

To Maheeda, sex is not something covert, it is a way of life and to her mind’s eye the Heavenly Father doesn’t see anything wrong with it even if she has to go all naked, singing His praise.

“I’m addicted to sex and I have to have sex every day, at least once every day, and if there’s no guy around me, I will help myself” the controversial musician told the Vanguard newspaper recently.

The Edo State born singer, who was once a prostitute and known for posting nude pictures on the internet, insists she’s a gospel singer.

Maheeda became an orphan at age 13 and with no one to help her turned to prostitution. But according to her she later gave her life to Christ and turned to music.

Credit: inewsghana


          I was far from giving up ,not now that I had Pere the fastest  athlete in my school a dozen of footsteps  behind me  and in just  two sprints  I would be pushing my chest  against  the blue finish  ribbon putting my house at the top of the inter-house sports  score chart. It was just a thin space between my chest and the blue finish ribbon, so small a space that  even air had to squeeze in to pass through when I was awoken by a loud noise  , and voices screaming   at their peak  sandwiched in tears, coupled with the piercing cry of Boma my baby sister  ringing through the tiny corridor that connected the bedrooms to the living room  mummy! Mummy! She cried.Jumping out of my bed in anxiety and dragging Boma by the hand to the living room. It was Mum and Dad again! throwing clenched fists at each other’s cheeks  as soon as they had the space to do so and mummy yelling ‘’yeye man”!!!Irresponsible man!!!Cheat!!!!!”See the time you come back home to your wife and children”. I was young but  I needed not to be told that father had just returned home from one of his regular  womanizing and drinking spree as the smell of alcohol totally suppressed  the fragrance  from the glade air freshener anytime  he drew closer or opened his mouth. I was young and helpless , at barely fourteen years of age the was no way I could separate a fight between two furious adults  despite my pleas of Mummy and Daddy please stop fighting nor Boma’s crying could stop them so I ran to call Adamu the  gateman. Apparently on exiting the brawl the fighting grew worse as  Adamu and I ran into a half-chocked mother with father’s belt stiffly tightened around her neck, half way under the dinning table and pieces of a broken glass scattered recklessly on the floor and father pressing the lower part of his abdomen  with blood dripping unto his shirt, obviously mother must have stabbed  him with the glass on the stool beside the dinning table in self –defense as he tried suffocating the life out of her with his belt on her neck .I was staring at my both parents half way unconscious  with tears dripping down from my cheek unto my favorite superman pygamas Adamu  struggled to lie father into a more comfortable   position to stop the blood from dripping  but that did not help much. Mother was breathing but with eyes still closed and tiny blood trickled from the side of her head, the entire living room was polka dotted with little drops of blood here and there. It was still very early in the morning, even the sun was yet to wake up from its sleep, so was port-Harcourt and everyone within my neighborhood except for trailer drivers and crying babies making it impossible to get aid to the nearest hospital. As soon as the daylight flashed Adamu got some neighbors to rush them to the hospital were father passed  from a heart failure and excess loss of blood .Mother was unconscious for three good days as  a result of the injuries she sustained on her head and in no time was arraigned before a law court  with charges of murder ,but somehow the plea of self defense and no intention to kill ,coupled with reliable evidence ushered mother out of the court room discharged and acquitted .This was not the fist time I watched them fight ,that morning only turned out to be the climax of it all.

      It has been years ,since this occurrence  but the thought of my children asking me about their grandfather  or over hearing  people say their grandmother killed their grandfather in self defense  drives my memories back through the roads of my arduous past, then I become bitter and once again it still feels like that  morning.

By Owajioniro Benson
6th March, 2014.