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10 Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship

Let's face it: When we're newly coupled up, we tend to look at our partner -- and the budding relationship itself -- through a pair of proverbial rose-colored glasses.

Any flaws we detect in our partner are all too easily written off: He shies away from introducing you to his immediate family? It will happen when it happens. She has a tendency to leave dirty dishes and shoes scattered around the house? You're neat and orderly enough for the both of you.

But once you get real about your relationship and consider it for all that it is -- and all that it isn't -- there are some issues that are just too serious to overlook. Below, dating and marriage experts weigh in with 10 red flags they say should be cause for concern in any relationship.

1. You feel the need to change who you are to make your partner happy.

We all change a bit when we're exposed to a new partner and their individual tastes -- you binge-watch an entire season of "House of Cards" because your boyfriend loves it or attempt to go vegetarian for a few months because your girlfriend has been one for years (keyword: attempt). It only becomes a real issue when you feel the need to change who you are at your core to satisfy your partner, says licensed marriage and family therapist Virginia Gilbert.

"It's a definite problem when you find yourself molding your values, opinions and even your clothing style to suit your partner," Gilbert says. "If you edit what you say before you say it and constantly monitor how you come across because you feel like your partner is grading you, it might be time to let the relationship go."

2. You have to defend your significant other to family and friends.

Not everyone is going to like your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you do. But it should worry you if there's a general consensus among family and friends that your new love is entirely wrong for you, says M. Gary Neuman, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It.

“When all your friends and family are uncomfortable with the relationship, it's time to take a good look at it," he recommends. "If you find yourself isolated from loved ones and telling yourself they just don't know your significant other the way you do, chances are this won't end well."

3. Nitpicking and criticism -- even if said in jest -- are constants in the relationship.

He finds your hourly texts really overbearing -- and tells you so repeatedly. She jokingly compares her Ivy League education to the one you received at a state school, but always in a dismissive tone. If your partner's overly critical eye is starting to affect your self-esteem, it's time to speak up or jump ship, says relationship expert Tina Swithin.

“The criticism can even be subtle comparison put-downs, which can be delivered in a casual, passive aggressive way," she says. "Those still can chip away at your confidence, and in the end, healthy relationships should lift you up, not bring you down."

4. You're always wondering what your partner is up to when you're not around.

What Elvis sang about suspicious minds is true: You and your S.O. can't go on together as long as you have doubts about what he or she is up to when you're not there.

Dating coach Marina Sbrochi agrees, offering up an example to illustrate the point: "Maybe your new girlfriend keeps her phone on silent. All the time. Add that to the fact that she can only go out a couple of times a week and she prefers to text," she says. "Knock, knock! You aren't an investigative reporter, but you know when something smells fishy. If two plus two doesn’t add up to four, it's time to part ways and look for a relationship that doesn't seem like a game of Clue."

5. Your partner makes all of the big relationship decisions.

You only get together when it's convenient for your boyfriend and only hang out with his family and friends. You've been to all of your girlfriend's work functions and friends' parties, but have stopped inviting her to any social gathering you attend -- she's made it crystal clear she's not interested.

Sound familiar? If your partner is calling all the shots and "you're just following their lead, desperate for a few crumbs," it might be time to reevaluate the relationship, Gilbert warns.

6. Your sex life is seriously lacking.

A relationship shouldn't be all about the sex, but it needs to be somewhat about the sex, according to Sbrochi.

“If you feel like this person has all the other qualities you desire in a mate, see a sex therapist. Try some new tricks and see if you can make manufacture some chemistry," she suggests. "Trust me, you need a sexual connection for a long-lasting relationship. You have plenty of friends, you don't need another friend. It's time to look for love and sex in one package.”

7. You want more "me" time -- but your partner wants more "we" time.

You're dying for some time to yourself. Meanwhile, your boyfriend is complaining about how little you see of each other. "In other words, the frequency of connecting is either too high or too low, whether it be texting, calling, or seeing each other in person," marriage and family therapist Jane Greer explains. It's a problem if "an amount that is mutually comfortable for both of you is never found."

8. You feel personally responsible for your partner's happiness.

Heed your inner red flags as soon as you start to feel like your partner relies on you -- and only you -- to keep them emotionally balanced, Gilbert says.

“Whether your partner is in a pit of despair or erupting in anger, he or she makes you feel that you are somehow to blame, and it’s your job to change whatever it is that you have done or said to make them feel bad," she says. "Whatever you do or say to remedy the situation is inevitably wrong and makes your partner feel worse, which is, of course, your fault. You are always on eggshells and you feel the walls closing in on you. This kind of relationship is poison; get out ASAP."

9. Your partner controls who you see and what you do.

This might be the biggest red flag of all, Swithin says. “If you find that your partner is controlling your time with friends or family, your finances, clothing choices or how much makeup you wear, this is something to take very seriously."

10. You find yourself wondering if you’re in the wrong relationship.

It may sound painfully obvious, but your tendency to quiet those relationship doubts may end up being a huge regret later on, says Sbrochi. "So many times we look back on a bad relationship and only in hindsight can we really see the signs for what they really were," she says. "But if you really think about it, you knew the whole time, you just wanted to ignore it for whatever reason. ”

Instead, be more proactive about your relationship concerns and address them with your partner -- or move on before you get hurt. "Make a mental note of whatever is bothering you," Sbrochi says. "If it happens again or you feel your inner warning lights going off (even if they are going off softly), it's time to take a step back."

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Nigeria’s jet set: How the super-rich travel – BBC

Nigeria’s rich elite are increasingly buying private jets to avoid flying on commercial airlines, reports the BBC’s Tomi Oladipo from Lagos.

“There’s an average of nine aircrafts fixed here in the hangar,” says Peter de Waal of ExecuJet Aviation Nigeria, looking across at a line of sleek jets, as a team of engineers works on them.

ExecuJet provides a hangar and is authorised by major aviation companies to provide maintenance services for business aircraft, attesting to the rapid growth of the private aircraft industry in Nigeria.

“Maintenance was done in Europe and the United States, but our services here can help save time and an enormous cost,” Mr De Waal told the BBC.

A private jet in Lagos, Nigeria (February 2014)
Nigeria’s super-rich enjoy the sense of exclusivity provided by jets
Travelling on Nigeria’s commercial airlines, even in business class, can be problematic, with frequent delays and rerouting causing an inconvenience for everyone, including those for whom time is money.
Aircraft in Nigeria, and most of Africa, are owned by individuals”

Rady Fahmy
Aviation official
This, with the added exclusivity, has made the option of bespoke air travel a popular one for the super-rich.

“It is difficult to estimate the exact number of private jets in Nigeria because the majority are under foreign registries,” says Rady Fahmy, the executive director of the African Business Aviation Association.

“Aircraft in Nigeria, and most of Africa, are owned by individuals who are businessmen and women,” he says.

“This is in contrast to North America and Europe where the account is usually under corporate ownership.

“The choice to put it under individual’s name is due to financing requirements.”

‘To owner’s taste’
Most of the jet owners prefer to avoid the spotlight, especially when it comes to discussing their wealth, although within aviation circles it is common knowledge who owns what.

The long-range Bombardier Global Express XRS, worth about $50m (£30m), is preferred by those at the top of the rich list, including Africa’s wealthiest businessman Aliko Dangote, oil baroness Folorunsho Alakija, and the mobile phone tycoon Mike Adenuga, who also own both short and long-range business aircraft.

Other common models – ranging from about $57m to $39m – are the Gulfstream G550, Bombardier Challenger 605, and Dassault Falcon 900, with owners ranging from politicians to clergymen.

Mr De Waal makes a quick phone call to a jet owner and I am granted access to a sleek Falcon 900.

The inside of a jet in Lagos, Nigeria (February 2014)
A private plane is upholstered according to its owner’s tastes
A polished dark wood trim sets the mini-bar apart from the rest of the cream interior with grey leather seats.

The passenger area is divided into several parts, including a general area with four seats, a business meeting area also with seating for four, an enclosed area with a large couch that can be converted into a bed, and a small bathroom at the back of the plane.

It is all made to the taste of the owner, a billionaire businessman, who asks not to be identified.

The planes are also mostly registered abroad, mainly in the US, Bermuda, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Mauritius.

Some industry insiders think owners prefer such arrangements as aircraft lose their resale value if they are registered in Nigeria because of doubts over maintenance standards.

Luxury jet tax axed
It is difficult to ignore the tens of millions of Nigerians who cannot afford commercial air travel, not to mention owning aircraft.

People navigate through the waterways of the Makoko slum in Lagos, Nigeria on 30 August 2012
Many Nigerians have never flown in their lives

A view of buildings in the Victoria Island district of Lagos (29 October 2013)
Victoria Island is a plush area in Nigeria’s commercial hub of Lagos- BBC

A view of buildings in the Victoria Island district of Lagos (29 October 2013)
Victoria Island is a plush area in Nigeria’s commercial hub of Lagos
Nigeria is achieving steady economic growth but the general perception is that few are benefiting from this boom apart from its more than 500 people with estimated assets of above $50m.

You can sometimes see five or six cars at the same time to receive one person”

Peter de Waal
ExecuJet Aviation Nigeria
For those who are not quite able to afford their own planes, Nigeria’s chartered flights business is also booming, attracting international companies such as Hanger8 and VistaJet.

The growth of the air transport industry and the economy has led business aviation manufacturers like Beechcraft Corporation into the African market, with Nigeria as a key focus.

“We have seen a large number of deliveries of business aircraft across the continent over the past decade,” say Scott Plumb, Beechcraft’s vice-president of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“We fully expect this trend to continue as a greater number of entrepreneurs and corporate entities seek to take advantage of the benefits of business air travel on the back of Africa’s strong economic growth.”

Cultural peculiarities also make it to the runway, with huge entourages of friends and aides swarming around Nigeria’s larger-than-life VIPs.

“You can sometimes see five or six cars at the same time to receive one person,” Mr De Waal says.

In October 2013, the Nigerian Airspace Management Authority introduced a luxury tax of about $3,000 for every departure of a private jet.

The jet owners responded by saying it was unfair and the senate soon ordered a suspension of the levy – a sign of the political influence of Nigeria’s wealthy businessmen and women.


How To Spot A Gold Digger

Have you ever been suspicious that the person you are dating is more interested in your money than in you? If you are concerned about this and want to find out, here are some ideas to accomplish this and protect yourself before it is too late.


1. Understand what a gold digger is, and is not.There's nothing wrong with a person being concerned about your financial stability. A long-term partnership means depending on each other through the ups and downs, and being financially reliable does help with that to a degree. The difference between a gold digger and someone who values your role as a provider is that the gold digger would deride and perhaps leave you if you lost your ability to provide for them financially. A good person can appreciate your financial resources, but a gold digger appreciates your ability to meet her demands.

2. Gold diggers drop hints that they're having trouble paying their bills (sometimes they might even ask you directly for a "loan" to tide them over). They know that you don't want to see them get an eviction notice, or
get their car repossessed, and you're a good person who's in a position to help. But there's a difference between a gold are maxed out, because they "work hard" and they "earned it"? Many gold diggers know better than to ask you to fund their more luxurious tastes, at least in the beginning; they'll tap into your desire to help them afford the things they need.

3. When they discuss their financial woes, suggest ways in which the suspected gold digger can make money fast. When you mention the possibility of them selling their luxury car, video console, guitar, diamond bracelet, or any other expensive item that could keep them from becoming homeless or having their utilities cut off or car sold, they will most likely become irritated by your suggestions.

4. Look for a sense of entitlement. Gold diggers feel that they deserve to be treated well, and that includes knowing that someone is willing to spend money on them. Maybe it's because they had a bad childhood or relationship, and they feel they deserve to be happy (and it just so happens that their joy carries a high price tag). . Have you noticed unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment? This sense of entitlement is one of the symptoms of narcissistic behavior, which has other symptoms that a potential gold digger might harbor:
*.grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
*.preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
*.believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
*.requires excessive admiration
*.lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
*.often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.

5. Ask them meaningful questions.
*.What is the best gift they've ever gotten? Gold diggers will almost always cite an expensive, material object, not a uniquely personal and thoughtful gift.
*.What's the biggest thing you ever had to give up to do or get something you really wanted? What you're searching for here is evidence of delayed gratification- the ability to give up something now so that you can achieve something greater, later. Gold diggers are notoriously spoiled or sheltered, and have never had to really wait, work, or struggle for what they want because somehow, someone was always there to help.

6. See what questions they ask you. Certain questions which might seem harmless might really be an attempt to judge your ability to provide. None of these questions, alone, should get you worried but all of them on the first date should definitely send up a red flag:
*.How much do you make a year? Why would she/he ask this question? Because a gold digger is a mobile calculator, therefore every question that relates to money is calculated to determine the percentage of the total amount that she/he believes she/he "deserves".
*.Are you a homeowner? And what type of car do you drive? They are trying to determine your overall worth and whether being with you is a profitable investment for them.
*.How many kids do you have? Your answer to the question will help her/him determine (calculate) much of your income and attention goes to your children and how much time you can devote to her/him. A gold digger is a needy individual that will take up a lot of your money, time and energy.

7. Search for signs of generosity and gratitude towards you. After having gone on several dates, has this person ever offered to pay? When you do pay, does he or she say thank you? Do they ever offer to help you in other ways? (And no, physical intimacy doesn't count); do they cook you dinner when you've been out working late?

8. Indulge in a pipe dream. A pipe dream is basically a long shot. Take one of your childhood fantasies and run with it. Tell the person you're dating that you're thinking about becoming the mechanic, farmer, supermodel, writer, [insert dream career here] you've always wanted to be. Explain how if you were to ever do this, it would require a significant lifestyle change; you'd have to go back to school, relocate, or whatever would make it clear that your standard of living will go down dramatically. How does this person respond? Do they seem concerned? That's normal. A good person will encourage you to follow your dreams while simultaneously helping you think of ways to do it practically and responsibly. A gold digger will look horrified or disgusted and say things like "You're not really serious, are you?" OR they are ready to call it quits and leave because you are paying attention to "you" instead of "them".

9. Watch yourself. It feels good to help people, whether you just helped someone avoid becoming homeless, or you're helping an aspiring artist or entrepreneur launch his or her career, but you have to be careful that you don't fall into a pattern where your help become the norm, so much so that without your financial assistance, the relationship would crumble. If you're the kind of person who has trouble, or who is intensely sympathetic and compassionate, you're more likely to bump into a gold digger. You might also face the feeling that this is one of the most attractive or intriguing people you've ever dated, and you don't want to ruin your chances, but don't be fooled by a good looking exterior. It could cost you.

10. Listen to the types of questions you are asked.Even seemingly innocuous questions like "What do you do?" and "Where do you live?" can be loaded questions, asked in an attempt to ascertain your net worth and lifestyle. In any case, do not answer these questions directly - but start out by explaining your life story. Usually they get bored.

Kidnappers Reject N30m Ransom For President’s Cousin! Says It’s Laughable

The president’s cousin, Chief Inengite Nitabai who was kidnapped by unknown gunmen in his house on Sunday, 23rd of February, 2014 is yet to regain his freedom because his abductors still insists on getting the N500m ransom fee they requested.

Reports say Chief Inengite’s family offered the kidnappers the sum of N30m to release the head of their family, but they said the amount was laughable coming from a family linked to the president Vanguard Newspaper reports.

US freezes $458m hidden by former Nigerian leader Sani Abacha

Abacha died in 1998 at age 54 and Nigeria has for years been fighting to recover his money. United States has frozen more than $458 million that former Nigerian leader Sani Abacha and his conspirators obtained through corruption and hid in bank accounts around the world.

About $313 million was restrained in bank accounts in the Bailiwick of Jersey and $145 million was restrained in bank accounts in France, the US justice department said in a statement.

The department said it was pursuing additional holdings in the United Kingdom with an expected value of at least $100 million, but that the exact amount would be determined later.

Abacha died in 1998 at age 54. Nigeria has for years been fighting to recover his money, but companies linked to the Abacha family have gone to court to prevent repatriation.

The former military dictator looted between $3 billion and $5 billion of public money during his five years ruling Africa's top oil producer from 1993 to 1998, according to Transparency International.

In November, the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit seeking the recovery of money that had been identified in overseas bank accounts. A judge in Washington, D.C., unsealed the lawsuit on Wednesday.

Named with Abacha as conspirators in the suit were his son Mohammed Sani Abacha and Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, whom the suit called their associate.

They laundered money through the purchase of bonds backed by the United States using U.S. financial institutions, according to prosecutors.

Last month, US arrest warrants for the assets were enforced in France as well as in the Bailiwick of Jersey off the coast of Normandy, through mutual legal assistance requests and in the United Kingdom through litigation, the Justice Department said.

The assets were held in banks including Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings PLC and Banque SBA, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit also seeks the forfeiture of five corporate entities registered in the British Virgin Islands.

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Balogun Hopes To Make World Cup Squad.

Leon Balogun has expressed his desire to represent Nigeria at the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.
The Fortuna Dusseldorf defender was born in Germany to a Nigerian father and German mother. He was called up by coach Stephen Keshi as a late minute replacement for captain Joseph Yobo, who picked an injury during a game for Norwich City. He stated that he was happy when he got the call-up for the Mexico friendly.

“I had a phone conversation last month with the Big Boss, who asked me how I was and if I was fit and willing to play for Nigeria. I managed not to scream yes, only saying yes quietly,” Balogun told

“He told me that if some players drop out from his initial list for the Mexico match, he will call me. So last week, I got my letter of invitation and ticket and joining requirements for the team.”

Balogun also stated he will be delighted if he gets the chance to play for the Super Eagles while hoping his worth will fetch him a World Cup shirt.

“I know there are players there who have been in the squad longer than me, however, I believe in my ability, I will give my best in training and if I get the chance to play, I will show my worth.

“If I make the World Cup squad, it will be the best thing ever to happen to me because I have always felt Nigerian especially because of my grandma, who tried to teach me Yoruba over the phone when I was a kid,” he added.


Sham bride arrested trying to marry her fourth Nigerian husband in the UK

One of UK's most prolific sham brides, Raquel Neto Furtado De Andrade, 22, has been arrested and sentenced to two years in prison after trying to marry her fourth husband...a Nigerian.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Raquel, who had already married three Nigerians to help give them the right to stay in the UK was caught just minutes before she could marry her fourth husband.

Suspicious staff at the registry noticed she'd been there previously to wed other men and used the same wedding dress at each ceremony. And after she was arrested, records showed she hadn't even bothered to formally divorce previous husbands before marrying a new one...for money.

The fourth groom, a 32-year-old Nigerian (pictured above), was arrested with her and has been deported.

UK Immigration is now looking for her three other husbands so they can be deported too.

As for Rachel, she is now behind bars serving a two-year sentence and will be deported to her native Portugal on her release from prison.

I Rapéd My Daughter So I Can Make It Big –– Father Confesses

A 42-year-old man, Pedro Anegbe, has told an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court that a spirit asked him to rapé his 15-year-old daughter in order to get a good job. He said the voice ordered him to rapé the girl shortly after he lost his job and was idle at home.

Mr Anegbe was arraigned on two counts for defiling his 15-year-old daughter (name withheld) at their home on Ifelodun Street, Fatolu Ipaja, Lagos State.

The magistrate, Olanrewaju Olatunji, asked Anegbe why he rapéd his daughter. See his response below:
“I am actually living with my wife and three children. I have two girls and a boy. She is my first born. I have had séx with her just two times. The first was on January 27, 2014. But I cannot remember the date of the second one.

“I did it because I thought it was God talking to me, but later I knew it was an evil spirit. The voice said I needed power. To get the power, the voice said I must damage some things...
“I started destroying the clutch and brake of the vehicle I was given to drive. Then the voice told me I should stop delivering money to the owner of the vehicle after each day’s work. I stopped and I was sacked.
“I became idle after I lost my job. The voice came again, saying I should have séx with my daughter or else I would not get another job. That was why I slépt with her.”

The Investigating Police Officer, Sgt. Bakare Murtala, told the court his findings in the course of investigation. “The defendant is the biological father of the girl. She told us her father had sexually harassed her. We asked him about his daughter’s allegation and he confessed to the crime. He said he had rapéd her twice.”

However, despite his admission, Me Anegbe pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape.

The Magistrate asked him: “You have confessed that you raped your daughter, why then did you still say you were not guilty of the crime after the charge was read to you? Don’t you understand the charge or what is the problem?”

He replied: “I am just forcing myself to talk, because the voice said I should not say anything,” Anegbe said.

The magistrate ruled, “This is a bailable offence, but it is a family matter. The defendant is to be remanded in prison pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution.”

The matter was adjourned till April 4, 2014, to get the DPP's advise on how to handle the "family matter".

Nigerian Celebrities With Big Investments

Many Nigerian celebrities have acquired fame and fortune. However, only a few have thought of investing their earnings wisely. In this piece, PATIENCE IVIE IHEJIRIKA takes a look at some of these stars and their investments.

P Square

The Nigerian twin pop sensation, Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as P Square, are undoubtedly reckoned the richest artistes in Nigeria in terms of investment. The duo has invested widely and their assets are running into billions of Naira.

P square’s notable investments include a multi million Naira home in San Francisco USA with an estimated cost of N434m in 2013, a private jet in 2012, costing them millions of Naira, a house in Lagos worth N400m, including  landed properties in Jos and Port Harcourt. The twins also own Rayfield Hotel and two multi million Naira factories in Jos, where they built a multimillion Naira bakery and sachet water companies for their parents.

The bulk of their earnings come from concerts, endorsements and CDs sales. They are said to have sold above 14 million copies of their CDs since 2005. They won the KORA award for Best Africa Artiste in 2010 with the sum of $1m. Shortly after, they got an endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications worth N240m. They charge about N4m per show and in 2011, they signed a multimillion Naira deal with Akon Konvict music. The recent American tour of seven cities has also earned them over N300m.
In their garage, the duo has two SUVs, one hummer SUV, truck bus, Toyota Altima among other cars worth millions of Naira.

Don Jazzy

Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, is the CEO of Mavin records which he founded in 2012 after his split up with his Mo’ Hits partner, Dbanj.

According to a report, Don Jazzy has a black Cadillac Escalade worth N12m, a black Bentley Continental Flying Spur worth N29, 600,000, a black Range Rover Sports worth N9, 600,000 and drives a Porsche 911 Carrera worth N13, 440,000.

Don Jazzy still has his deal with Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music, even though he and D’Banj have parted ways.
In August 2013, he became an MTN ambassador signing a lucrative deal together with his brother, D Prince

D Banj

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as D Banj, is definitely one of Nigeria’s richest celebrities. The dude has tried his hands in some businesses which fetched him a lot of money aside his music. D Banj owns KoKo water, Koko Mansion, Koko Lounge in Lagos and in UK. He recently launched Koko Mobile. He has a number of automobile in his garage including a 32 million Naira Aston Martin Vantage.
The bulk of his earnings come from endorsement deals, record sales and concerts. He has a multimillion Naira deal with Chris Aire and UAC Foods. His endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications earned him N70m. He collects between N4m to N5m per show.  He also has a lucrative deal with Power Fist energy drink and a deal with the makers of Virgin Colour soft drink.

Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw is one of the Nollywood actresses who have made it real big. Unlike many others, she has tried her hands in different ventures, including owning a company that specialises in different businesses.
According to a report, she currently owns three buildings and several landed properties scattered all over the country. She is a Glo ambassador and face of Onga. She is said to have earned about N20m between 2008 and 2010.


Nollywood screen goddess, Genevieve Nnaji, launched her clothing line, St. Genevieve, in 2008 which is worth over N20m.

2 face Idibia

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face, is certainly one of Nigeria’s most popular hip hop artistes. He has invested in real estate and stocks and has established an NGO called 2Face Idibia Reach-Out Foundation. 2face had endorsement deals with brands like Guinness and Airtel which earned him N20m and N22m respectively. He is said to be charging between N4m and N5m per show. He was also said to have earned N30m from the producers of Phat Girls movie.


David Adeleke, known as Davido, has a N140 million house in Lekki, Nigeria. According to a report, he wears a luxurious necklace from Ice Box Jewelers called Jesus Piece which is worth over $20,000. He also wears a diamond-encrusted Rolex wrist watch worth over $25,000 dollars.
Cars in his garage include a 2012 Audi Q7, a 2012 Silver Honda Accord, a N6m Chevrolet Camaro and a 2012 model Hyundai Sonata and a Mercedes G55 AMG worth about N30m.


I’m Willing To Act Nude, My Body Is My Laptop – Sylvia Oluchy

She may be an almost unknown, but  Sylvia Oluchy is one of the hordes of actresses that dot the Nigerian movie industry and she believes she can do anything to gain popularity and stardom.

The Theatre Arts graduate from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, who has acted in some movies like ‘One More Man,’ ‘Sound of Love,’ ‘Immaterial’ and ‘Bent Arrows,’ is one of the up and coming actresses who think that acting nude would give her the much needed break she craves for and she sees nothing in it.

Comparing her body to a Laptop where the owner uses at will, Sylvia justified her decision to act nude since her body belongs to her.

“I can act nude as long as it takes me where I want to be.

“I don’t have any boundaries because my body is my laptop. Others have their laptops and files; what I have is my body and voice.

“Even the concept of nudity, I don’t have any problems what so ever, but it has to make sense; if it enriches the story and is done tastefully, I mean, sometimes you can see nudity being done for a good reason, like in the west, they could take off their clothes to protest.

“Like I said, I don’t have problem with nudity, I just want it to make sense.”


Nigerian Celebrities: From Fame To Fatherhood

Gradually, ‘baby mama’ is becoming a syndrome among Nigerian celebrities as many of the men now choose to have children outside wedlock. Blessing Ukemena and Patience Ivie Ihejirika take a look at some of them.

Seun Kuti

He had famously declared early in 2013, that he is not getting married anytime in the future because he would not embrace the thought of losing half his earnings. However, he likes being a father.

Afrobeat artist and son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Seun Kuti and his partner Yetunde George Ademiluyi welcomed a daughter in December last year. The baby’s name ‘Ifafunmike’ means “A child gotten from a deity”.

In a recent interview, 31-year-old Seun talked about the exhilarating experience of fatherhood. “Training your first child is a life experience. It is a lesson in selfless service. You know, babies are strong but they are also quite dependent. You know you have to sacrifice your time, and now I am the one who sacrifices my time all night. “My partner works all day, I work all night. I am in the studio anyway, so I can stay awake all night. Well, it is interesting and my baby is quite peaceful,” he stated.


Despite the fact that he happens to be one of the youngest and busiest fathers on the Nigerian music scene, Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, still has time to spare for his kid, Boluwatife. He is also the first son of Wizkid and his mum Shola Ogudugu. There is no sign that the rich lad will be getting married anytime soon though but Wizkid is enjoying his role of a father and often posts pictures of his son on his instagram page.


Now often referred to as the ‘father of all nation’, 2face was linked to three baby mamas before he recently tied the knot with Annie who was also his longtime girlfriend.

The father of seven has three children with Pero Adeniyi namely; Rose, Justin and Oluwakitan, two with Sunmbo Ajaba namely; Nino and Zion while two, Isabela and Olivia, are with Annie Macaulay, his present wife.

One of his baby mamas, Sunmbo, recently got marriage to a Pastor in Lagos. When 2face was asked by an online magazine how he felt about it, his reply was “Sunmbo deserves all the best; I wish her many good things in her marriage. She’s a nice person,” he told an online magazine.

May D

Popular musician May D whose real name is Akinmayokun Awodumila, also made the list of Nigerian celebrities Dads. His son Olamipoju turned one on January 24 this year. He had the child with his longtime girlfriend, Debola. Fortunately he never denied his son.

Terry G

Terry G, is a proud father of one with his UK-based girlfriend, Mimi Omoregbe. She gave birth to a baby boy in November 2012. The singer, whose real name is Gabriel Amanyi hit the limelight with his hit single ‘Free Madness’ in 2008. He was said to have conducted a silent traditional wedding with Mimi in 2011


Timaya became a father in 2012 and he said he is in no hurry to tie the knot but his baby mama, Barbara is his kind of woman. The dark-skinned lady who is in her 20s met Timaya in 2010. Timaya whose real name is Enetimi Odom named his daughter Emmanuella Perere Timaya. And he recently celebrated her via his Instagram page: “After giving birth to my child she still looks hot. Mama Emma oo..LOL”

Jessy Jagz

Ruby, a mother of one, is Jesse Jagz’ baby mama. The talented rapper/singer is MI’s younger brother and the brothers have known Ruby since childhood, as the singer is very close to the Abaga family.

The singer met the Abaga brothers back in Jos in the church choir, where MI was the music director. Jesse Jagz and Ruby have a seven-year old daughter, Jade. Jesse Jagz, a proud and committed father has often talked about his daughter in his songs, most especially on the song entitled This Jagged Life. The couple isn’t dating anymore but those close to them said they remain close friends and are jointly raising the fruit of their union.

Ice Prince

20-year-old Babatunde Bimbo became known in 2012 after she confessed to carrying the child of Nigerian rap star, Ice Prince Zamani. Despite the several denials and rejections that trailed her announcement, the former undergraduate had to drop out of school to keep the pregnancy.

The baby was christened Toluwalase. Ice Prince, who initially distanced himself from mum and child, later admitted in an interview to being the father. In a sudden twist, Ice Prince embraced his child and re-named him Jamal Zamani. The hardworking rapper is gradually introducing the baby to his fans. In an interview last year he explained that he had denied his son because, “It was complicated back then, I didn’t really know what was happening and I wasn’t sure of certain things. So the best I had to do then was deny it and sort out things first. Now I know he is my child and I have done everything as a father ever since,” he said.

Kay Switch

Kay Switch is the latest to join the list of celebrity dads in the music industry. He is expecting a baby with his Liberian beauty queen girlfriend Meena Subramani. He confirmed the news in a new interview with Encomium magazine. “Yes, it’s true. My girlfriend is pregnant. It really makes me feel like a man. We’ll get married one day, though I cannot disclose when now” He said.


Confab: Lawyer Sues Jonathan

A Constitutional lawyer, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, has asked a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja to stop the federal government from going ahead with the proposed national conference.

The plaintiff, in the suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/ 167/204 and dated March 3, 2014 argued that the President does not have the power to convoke or convene a national conference without a law backing it from the National Assembly.

Joined as defendants in the suit are the Attorney-General of the Federation, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In the suit, the plaintiff asked the court to determine whether a national conference can be convened by the President and/or government of Nigeria without a law made by the National Assembly enabling them to do so.

In the affidavit in support of the suit deposed to by Mr. Patrick Bisong, a litigation clerk in the office of the plaintiff, the plaintiff said that the federal government had planned to spend billions of public money to fund the conference despite the absence of any law enabling the President to convoke the conference and notwithstanding the limited power vested in the President to use money to execute law or authorise national idea.

He prayed the court to restrain the federal government from going ahead with the conference adding that if they are not restrained, billions of tax payers money will be spent unconstitutionally.

He further argued that the President is working with deliberate speed to convene the conference.

He said that to settle the rights of the parties to the action, urgent attention to the cause of action was necessary.

No date has been fixed for the hearing of the matter.