Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cossy wants Don Jazzy says Wizkid is too small for the job

Cossy has a unique way of grabbing our attention and she’s done it again. This time, she took to her twitter page to say she doesn’t mind getting down with the Mavin boss and that star boy, Wizkid was to small.. Hehehehehe.


Photos: This Woman has Slept with 300 People & must have at least 5 Orgasms per Day!

A 'hypersexual' woman who claims to have slept with 300 people is so addicted to carnal pleasure that she spends up to five hours a day having sex or pleasuring herself.

Nessa Jay, 24, from Cromer, Norfolk, finds her addiction to sex so hard to deal with that she is even having therapy to try to curb it. Speaking to The Sun's Jennifer Tippett, Nessa said:

'I get sweaty palms, I feel angry and I need to satisfy myself if I don't get at least five orgasms a day through sex.'

Nessa says sex addiction is hard to deal with. She first discovered her thirst for sex after losing her virginity at the age of 16 and within 8 years, has had sex with 300 people. She used to have sex with 'anyone I could'. Nessa says she even used to meet sexual partners in the supermarkets.

'First I chat to them a bit to make sure they're not dangerous or odd but once I know they are OK we go home together,' she said.

Nessa also says she's enjoyed sex with women and has had threesomes. Her sexual appetite has in the past wreaked havoc with her friendships and many of her female friends cut ties with her because they were afraid, worried that their boyfriends may be attracted to her.

But trying to curb her nymphomaniac habit, Nessa now channels much of her sexual energy in to her work as a sex toy reviewer.

She has tested 2,000 toys, and says the nature of her job helps her to deal with her cravings. However, while she has been polyamorous in the past, she has one partner at the moment.

Nessa doesn't want her nymphomania to define her and hopes people will view people with hypersexuality as 'normal'. She said:

'I live an average life which most people my age would live. I see friends, I write, I have hobbies; it's pretty normal and pretty boring at times actually.

My sex drive may be higher than some but it's healthy because I'm positive about it. I always make sure I have incredibly safe sex and get tested regularly.'I'm perfectly healthy. I can't change who I am or how I act and I wouldn't want to,' she added.

- Daily Mail UK

Tonto Dikeh Narrates How She Came out Of HardShip To Being A Star

Many people have stories to tell about how they have passed through one terrible condition or the other, the only difference is the way each person has come in terms with this condition and also the way they came over it and turned their life around. Many celebrities have in recent times always come out to reveal their hardship stories, this case is not different for Nollywood most beautiful actress Tonto Dikeh as The actress revealed how she came across a movie job poster than turned her life around after finishing her engineering degree with second class.

Hear Tonto Dikeh in her own words, unedited

Hmmmm looking back and all I can say iz Lord I thank you for talent oh life waz nt easy somtimz it seemz iz d end of d world, n somtimz I even sit n ask God why me? N somtimz I used to say why waz I nt born abroad cuz I used to think money fall frm tree ova der! Uni life waz so hard for me, handouts I could not afford I beg frm hand to hand jst to eat! Den wil be jeans @ alaba market if d jeanz is longer Dan me I will cut it to my size n I will say iz rugged jeans! I will ask frdz for favour b4 they help they will ask me to do somtin for dem eg clean their room, help with course work jst to hav 2000 nair gosh, I never allowed dat to pull me down play like play I finished my uni n graduate with 2nd class Engineering! Job waz hard to get mov frm place to place until 1 day I came across a poster dat says BE THE NEXT MOVIE STAR I applied and to GOD be the Glory THEY called me I waz sort listed for the realty TV show tho I dint win tho I dint win but I came out 2nd and the rest iz history so palz if I can make it in 9ja! U can also do d same life iz full of HARD TIMEZ but never let it break u down, never give up fight for what u believe cause God haz iz special plan for u! Diz my life my story hope to read urz som day n I see greatness in daz readn diz #EasyLionEasyTiger #poko

Story by Joy Akosa/Nigeria films

Niger State Assembly Passes Law Against ‘Marrying More Than 4 Wives’


The Niger State Assembly passed into  law a bill against marrying more than four wives.

The move may not be unconnected with the government’s desire to prosecute the popular octogenarian, Mohammed Saba, who has 86 wives.

The state legislature, yesterday codified the law through passage of the bill seeking the establishment of the Shari’a Penal Code for existing laws against rape and marrying more than four wives.

By the new law, anyone proven to have raped a woman in the state will bag a 21-year-jail-term, while any professed Muslim who marries more than four wives will be made to face the law.

The bill was passed following the adoption of the report of the House Committee on Judicial Matters presented by its chairman, Hon Isah Kawu (Bida 1 constituency).

While presenting his report, Isah stated that all major stakeholders should take advantage of the public hearing to make inputs into the new law.

Speaking after the passage of the bill, the Speaker, Barrister Adamu  Usman, lauded the committee for its commitment and dedication to ensuring that inputs were made by all stakeholders.

According to Usman, the bill is in conformity with Section 36 of the amended Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, though designed in line with Islamic injunctions.

Usman urged parents to always monitor the movement of their children, stressing that people should strive to report cases of rape to law enforcement agents in their localities for prompt action.

Kumasi: Fetish Priests declare ‘war’ on pastors enraged Fetish Priests in the Ashanti Region, have warned pastors who are in the habit of condemning them publicly on radio and Television stations to stop or face their wrath. The priests, numbering over 200, gave the warning at a traditional council meeting in Kumasi Thursday. The meeting was part of preparations towards the 15th Anniversary of the Ascension of the Asantehene Otumfour Nana Osei Tutu the 2nd.

According to the priests, some pastors in the country are in the habit of casting aspersions and disparaging comments on their religion tagging the traditional religion as obnoxious and devilish. They feel unfairly treated as they claim that the same pastors who are vociferously criticizing them approach them for superficial powers to assist them conduct miracles in their churches.

Otumfour’s Nsumankwahene, Baffour Asabre Kogyawoasu, the 3rd, who represented Otumfour at the meeting charged the fetish priests to rise up against such pastors who take it out on them on their pulpits, and on radio and television stations.

“We have always remained silent and watched them refer to our religion as nonsensical or foolish. But from today, if they stay awake, we will also stay awake, if they build, we will break. Any man who says idolatry is foolish is an affront to the ancestors of Asanteman. He has insulted the gods and all fetish priests” he charged.

The Nsumankwahene also expressed grave discontent about the trend in the local movie industry that seeks to portray idol worshipers as the villains who always loose out to the barrage of prayers of movie pastors.

“Since the inception of the local movie industry, idol worshippers have never been victorious. We won’t allow this humiliation to continue. I think we are lagging behind and we need to rise to the occasion,” he inspired.
Further defending his religion, the traditional custodian inquired whether the gods were not also sent from God as the Christians and Muslims claim their religions have divine origins.

The chief priest, charged his men to utilize their powers effectively against any one who dared made negative statements about their religion saying “no one should be allowed to go scot free”?

Some of the chief priests who spoke to Ultimate Radio expressed similar sentiments and indicated their readiness to follow through on the charge of the chief priest to restore dignity to their religion and their profession as chief priests.

An invigorated chief priestess from the Seniagya, okomfour Tiwaah, stated strongly that”the pastors say they have the big platforms but they cannot collapse traditional spirits which was proven under the reigns of Okomfo Anokye. “It is an age-long practice which was handed down to us right from ages past. So those who sit on radio and TV stations to condemn us should better stop or we will deal with them.”

Speaking to Ultimate Radio’s Nana Oye Diabene, an embittered fetish priest lamented that “these same pastors are the ones who come for powers from us for the booming of their churches and later go back to condemn us before their members telling them we are bad and evil”.

He was worried people treat them as social outcasts and accord them no respect. He threatened that they will not only use their spiritual powers but also soon seek justice from the law court on the way the clergy treats them.
Another priestess, okomfuor Dwodwo, who claimed she began her incantation at the age of fourteen, vented out her discontentment with the insults fetish priests suffered at the hands of the church.

“Christians are now insulting us. They say we are dirty and nasty. We don’t lie or cheat people but the insults are too much and they should put a stop to that,” he lamented.

Meanwhile the Ashanti Regional Director of the Center for National Culture, Dr. Samuel Adjei, empathizing with the priests, blamed the situation on a misconception of both the public and the Christian community of nuances of the traditional religion.

“It is a result of the sort of mis-education that we have. The white man’s education could be knowledge but we need to learn the wisdom in our tradition. If people endeavor to delve deep into the wisdom of what the traditionalists do, we will not be choosy as to what is fetish and what is ordinary. Rather we will notice that there is wisdom, there is value, there is dignity in everything heritage that our tradition has handed down to us.”

Giving credence to the call for all Ghanaians to study the details of the indigenous tradition, he indicated that traditional marriages were thriving as compared with those held in flamboyant church services.

Dr. Samuel Adjei made a strong case for some prominence to be given to the study of tradition in the studying process of every Ghanaian explaining that “the knowledge of the white man and wisdom of culture and tradition worked together for the totality of development of each individual.”

[Source: Ultimate Radio]