Thursday, 31 July 2014

Police arrest 2 Nigerian money-laundering suspects, seize 1.3 million euros

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The Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service seized 1.8 million US dollars (EUR 1.3 million) from a Nigerian company and arrested two Nigerian citizens on money laundering charges.

The service said the two Nigerian citizens purchased an inactive company registered in Lithuania in 2012. Earlier this year, a Hong Kong-registered off-shore company transferred 1.8 million US dollars to the front company’s account in an unnamed Lithuanian bank. The suspects tried to withdraw 100,000 US dollars in cash and transfer the rest to companies registered in Spain.

Lithuanian authorities had suspicions about the company’s registration address in a garage. The bank account was also opened while the company declared losses and has debts to the budget.

To collect possible evidence, the Financial Crime Investigation Service on Wednesday detained both Nigerians and searched their homes. The searches revealed documents, computers and computer media, as well as data crucial to the investigation.

Charges of money laundering, large-scale fraud, and document forgery have been filed against the Nigerian citizens. Prosecutors have asked for a court sanction to arrest the detainees.

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