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My story of lesbianism — Amaka Obi

Halima Abubakar
Halima Abubakar
Amaka Obi
Amaka Obi

Curvaceous Nollywood producer, actress and big  boss at Dove House Productions, is a woman who lives in the eye of the storm. If people are not talking about her tiny waist and massive backside, then it is something the backside has done to some hapless guys. Even top singer, D’Banj dropped a line on her on his hit single ‘Miss Endowed’. She is the ‘Amaka Endowed’ the singer sang about.

She is a woman you wouldn’t have to ask what her selling point is, because it is so obvious they come screaming at you. But Amaka would tell you her bum isn’t her favourite body part. “I think the best part of my body is my face. It is my face because if my face is not appreciated by someone, then it would be about lust because all he would be thinking would be about pulling my clothes to see my bum and all that”.

But right now Amaka isn’t talking about her bum, what is on the menu for her is her latest film titled “Lagos Housewives”, a soft drama, where she is giving us the works on lesbianism. According to her, she hasn’t had any direct experience : “I have not had any personal experience whatsoever but I am dismayed by what has been happening in the society. Many young married women take to lesbianism because they are abandoned by their husbands. The trend these days is that foreign based Nigerian men come home, get married, get their wives pregnant and leave for their stations, abandoning the wives and kids. Some of these young married women resort to lesbianism to fill the vacuum their husbands left” she said.

Why I can’t marry a poor man – Ebiwari Etuk

Pretty Nollywood actress, Ebiwari Etuk, isn’t a household name yet, but the Rivers State-born thespian has recorded enough successes to be regarded as a force to be reckoned with, as far as roles intepretation is concerned. Starting with Tale of Hidden Treasure, Ibiwari has gone on to stamp her foot in Nollywood record books with close to twenty other movie efforts.

She is one that would tell you she doesn’t walk the lane of nudity or promiscuity because of her strict upbringing. “My orientation does not permit me to talk about my body sexually. But professionally speaking, my greatest forte as an actress is my ability to interprete any role I’m cast for, almost flawlessly “.

But it doesn’t seem the actress accepts everything that is thrown at her. At least, she isn’t just as green as to accept offers from any man that comes her way. “I can’t marry a poor man. Poor men ain’t confident my dear, because poverty oozes inferiority complex. Confidence arises from who you are, what you are and your ability to impact” she said.

Adding: “ I like a confident man who isn’t easily intimidated, then of course, he has to believe in the existence of the Almighty God. Being responsible for another person or people comes with being confident. To me, the most important thing in a man is his simplicity and other things follow”.
Any man I marry would be lucky to have me — Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar has come a long way in Nollywood and she is currently regarded as one of the best in her trade. Petit, beautiful and curvy Halima doesn’t hide her feelings and seems to know where her bread is buttered. She recently owned up that when she is in Lagos, she dresses as hot as the next Lagos girl, looking on to a hot night out but while in a place like Kano, she dresses down to fit in  with the crowd. A smart girl, you might say.

Halima added another year on Thursday and to celebrate the landmark she entertained a few friends, cut a cake and poured champaign, to make the day flow with enough emotion a bit different from the average day.

But outspoken Halima didn’t end it there as she had a message to her fans and indeed anyone that cared to listen. “If there is one thing I hold  protectively, it is my womanhood.  Yes, I am not a sharer regardless of what has been written about me in 13 years. Yes, 13 years in Nollywood,  its like being born and allowing you to grow on your own. I starved, made friends who made themselves enemies of mine! Still I love you all” she  wrote on her Instagram page.

“I just want to thank you all for the love, lies, hate, encouragement and the  zeal to prove you all wrong. I am a great woman and any man I marry would be lucky to have me. Please, I love the hardship, gossips, rumours and support you all have given me.I remain my loyal self,  Ambasssador Halima Abubakar” she concluded, blowing out some candles on a cake she claimed some friends made for her.

-By Ayo Onikoyi, VanguardNG

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