Saturday, 14 June 2014

Diaspora Nigerians - émigré of shame, sitcom of circumstances

What shall we say of diaspora Nigerians whom at every opportunity to express his/her views on social media, knows the solution to every problem facing the country! These Nigerians who at a point in time denied their affiliation to the country, whom can go to the extent of lying about his/her sexual orientation to stay legal in overseas, who denounce this West African country to take up foreign identity. What is his/her business with a once forgotten/denounced nation?

With just a tidbit of random or concurrent events happening in the country, these wolves in human body are prepared to launch hates group on social media targeted to aid tribal, political and religious sentiments amongst their brothers and sisters back home.

Stranded, stucked and sequestrated, they always appear to be in foreign land, with their echoes of hates message spread across social media hiding under the prejudicial pretense of 'our' people enlightenment/awakening. After having successfully transferred their inherent ills from the land of their ancestors to faraway America, Europe and UK, these self acclaimed immigrants feels that, what they owe their brothers and sisters back home is empowerment message to carry arms, fight the system and cause mayhem.

The disgruntled disapora Nigerian who's primary purpose is to focus on his habitation in the new ambience would recommend flagyl for headache since he knows that his brothers and sisters back home holds his opinion in high esteem. Upon considering himself as expert, who's observing events as they unfold from thousands of miles away, he heartily charged his brethren to walk in the part of secession. The diaspora sees Nigeria as a nonworker and the best recourse is for every party to leave the union and find his/her path to sovereignty BUT a working Nigeria demands no secession!

These pests, the diaspora Nigerians living in la la land, who are best regarded as catalyst of war does not know that secession is best approached when the country is on cruise altitude. When things are back to normalcy, secession can then be discussed on round table rather than partying with hates and war. He is so confused that he does not know that sovereignty demands allies, trading partners and international alliance.

The spatted illiterate expert does not know and does not care about the consequences of a separation as a result of tribal, political and religious disputes. These diaspora Nigerians, the sons and daughters of guns, who are expected to take clues from Central Africa Republic, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Somalia, Angola e.t.c, would shove his power of reasoning and resort into firing bigotry statements that can incite civil war. Is he supposed to be bothered? No! Because he is not on ground to be affected, because he has already adopted another land as his origin and because it is an opportunity for him to swap national identity.

Why waste your energy on what you consider - an idling union? Your solutions, that you are proud to proffer, will turn to illusion when faced with reality. Will you even be able to turn it to illusion when you and I know you can't return as your grave is already dug there!

To my fellow foot soldiers on ground, make una chop knuckle! Na una dey face the daily reality!

-Paul Adedeji Adepoju, ACMI

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