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D’Banj’s Koko Garri Brand Endorsed By Billionaire Dangote

Alibaba said Dbanj's "Koko" brand could be worth as much as $30billion in a matter of years, but sceptics did not believe him. I guess now that Africa's richest man is seeing the big picture, all that will change?

What We Are Doing To Christianity Today

Are we Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria?

Before you criticize me. I am not a pagan. I believe God exist and he is Real. I believe in the birth and death of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Died for our sins. I also believe in Miracles. But are we portraying him the right way. I keep on thinking are we practising Christianity the write way. We keep on asking God to destroy demons, Keep on telling them to suffer, burn and die. We keep on casting them. But I believe we should ask God to touch their hearts and help them and convert them to do good and do away with their evil deeds.

What if your brother was an evil doer and someone cast them to die. Would you like it? They need help, not to die. Another thing I would like to correct is the mentality that if you go to church you are automatically a
"Saint". Demons are in the church so as angels you know. There are many people that are just there physically but not spiritually present. Most youths come to church to chat with their friends and as so called "Set P" or "Yan". Most youths come to church to use Twitter, Instagram, Ping, WhatsApp. Etc.
Rather than listening to the sermon. The church is also a place of immorality both physically and mentally. Parents are also not left out; some of them simply come to network and get contracts. They also do not want to be known as the church "stabber" but rather "The Holy Sister" or "The Holy Brother”.

I personally do not believe in cursing. Someone steals just a little thing like biro and you curse that their father will die. What did that person’s father do to you? Do they have to pay for the sin of their children? But most curses don't work. If the person actually does wrong . God will punish them with what they deserve rather than us speaking against him or his family. 

Most Pastors do not practice what they preach. They preach giving but they do not Give. The preach showing love but they do not show love. On every street there are at least 3 Churches (No Research Taken) I know of some pastors who do not get their power of miracles from God but from the Devil. The Pockets of the Pastors are getting fatter while the pockets of their members are slimmer. When I was younger I used to have so much respect for pastors, preachers and evangelist. But as I grew older I began to think twice. 

These pastors keep on buying the best of cars and best of Planes. I have no problem with them driving good cars, But not extravagant cars and lifestyles. You see a pastor today buying 70 Million Naira Car. I am like are you going to die with this Car. Does a 70 million Car really add anything to your life. Some of their members don't even have enough to eat. I am not saying there are not pastors called up by God, Yes they are but they are getting extinct. You say you are running a "Christian School" Which is financed by the Church Money but the fees are the highest in Nigeria. The fees in Christian Schools are supposed to be subsidized with the same standard both internationally and nationally. Churches are supposed to set up free schools for the poor. 

Most Sermons nowadays is about prosperity and breakthrough. Rather than holiness, doing the will of God and doing good in General like showing Kindness and Love. Yes by the Grace of God we shall be prosperous and we shall have Breakthrough. Tithe: That's a particular percentage of your income either disposable income or taxable income. What is the tithe actually used for? Is it used to enrich the life of the Pastor or the Less Privileged? Most Pastors use Convoys. What are you using Convoy for, is any one coming to kidnap you, are you a criminal? If you believe in God, God will protect you.

But if you believe in the power of the Nigeria Police and their Guns and so be it. For the women the Church is not the place for wearing your best "aso oke" "rura and buba" "ankara" "aso-ebi" keep that for the parties and weddings. Yes you can look Good. But do it in moderation and please dress decently. I didn't say dress like "Sister Mary" but dress moderately. 

Church is a place to be humble and not show off. Note the Church walk way is not a runway to model on. The church is not a place to market your products or your services. The Church is being turned to a money making business venture instead of it being a place to improve the spiritual life of the people. 

Some Pastors, Preachers and Evangelist are not called by God but sometimes in disguise of the Devil. There are so many fake pastors around. My advice is please watch the Church you go to and the lifestyles of the preachers and pastors. Also remember to do good always.

Written by Ayodeji Alonge

SEE The Pastor Who Runs The Ritualists Church In Lagos


This is Pastor Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo. He's the kidnapper and ritualist masquerading as a pastor and the General Overseer of Holy Family Ministry (a.k.a House of Mercy). Ernest Nwankwo has been on the run since Wednesday 25th June 2014 from his church in Ogolonto, Ikorodu, Lagos, after 8 victims were rescued from his den after one of his female member was caught red handed. See more below...

More about the pastor/ritualist
Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo is an indigene of Nsugbe in Anambra East LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria. He was born at Onitsha on 3rd of November 1964 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwankwo Egbunike. He is the General Overseer of Holy Family Happy Family Ministry also known as House of Mercy (Formally Jesus Divine Healing and Deliverance Catholic Ministry), Lagos, Nigeria. He commenced his scamming work in July 1997 to be precise.

He manages two kidnap centres called Happy Family Home Foundation International at both Ikorodu Lagos State and Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Oyi LGA, Anambra State. He is married to Odelia Anulika Nwankwo.

I Don't Know Anything on Séx, I’m a Virgin – Actress Seyi Hunter

Once a girl can go through secondary school with her legs closed, the possibility of her getting married as a fresh virgin is high. As a result, I do not think people should doubt this lady and her claims.

Actress Seyi Hunter has confirmed that her thing is still close and no man has entered. Sweet! Born of an Igbo father and Akwa-Ibom mother, she started out her career in the Yoruba sector and has since featured in close to twenty films in both Yoruba and English language movies.

Here are some personal information she shared with Showtime Celebrity in Lagos:

Séx and money, which is more important to you in a relationship?
I know nothing about séx, I’m a virgin. Money is more important to me in a relationship.

When and how did you start acting professionally?
I started acting in 2011. I entered the industry through Funsho Adeolu. I met him at a movie location.

What has been your experience since you started?
It’s been tough. But with God on my side, I’ve been able to achieve a lot within the short period I’ve been in the industry.

What challenges do you encounter as an upcoming actress in the industry?
The truth is they don’t really pay us well as upcoming actresses. Another challenge is getting roles. Though for me, God has been faithful. When I go to any location or for a production, I get another job from that one. It’s as if one job gives birth to another. So far, people I’ve met are people who want to help me, who are willing to stick their necks out for me. People like Collins Onwochei, Chico Ejiro, Damijo Efe Young, Funsho Adeolu and others.

What would you say is your selling point?
(Laughs) Look at me now. It’s not as if I’m so endowed physically. I’m just one humble girl next door. Favour is my selling point.

What’s your view on porno-graphy in the industry?
So far I’ve not done any porno-graphic movie and I’ve not gotten any of such script.

What if you were asked to, would you?
Let that time come first. When I get to that bridge, I would cross it.

Can you go nudé in a movie?
I can’t go stark nudé in any movie. I can’t even strip nakéd in front of any body.

Would you have séx in a movie?
We don’t have real séx in movies, it’s make-believe, we don’t do the real thing. I can kiss, smooch and touch. It’s my job, there’s nothing to it and it ends there, it doesn’t go beyond the camera.

Would you date a guy in the industry?
I can if I meet the right person.

How important is money to you when it comes to your choice of man?
I’m not looking for a stinkingly rich man. If he has all the money without good attributes, then he’s not for me. I like humble people. So, he has to be humble, God-fearing, extremely nice, very romantic and loving.

What’s the most challenging role you’ve played so far?
Broken Fixtures, where I had to kiss and romance. The role I played in My Club was also challenging because I had to drink and smoke, which I don’t do in real life.

Is there a role you would turn down?
As long as I’m not required to have actual séx, I can’t turn down any role.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes. I was attracted to him because of the fact that he’s born again, spoils me with gifts and puts my needs before his own.

Boko Haram: Women banned from carrying handbags to Enugu Catholic Churches


The Catholic Diocese of Enugu, on Sunday, banned women from attending church services with hand-bags.

The ban followed recent incursion of the Boko Haram insurgents into the South-East, especially the foiled bomb attack at the Winners’ Church in Owerri, Imo State.

The development, according to the church, is aimed at nipping in the bud any possible attack on places of worship in the Diocese.

According to the Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. (Dr) Calistus Onaga, who directed all parish priests within the Diocese to make the official announcement during Sunday services, he appealed to the faithful to cooperate with the church in that regard.

He said the exercise was not meant to embarrass the women or any body, but was born out of the present disturbing insecurity challenges facing the nation.

The cleric however, assured that it will be done with human face, and in a civilised manner, adding that the church, do not want to take chances.

A worshipper who do not want his name in print said, “I must tell you, the Bishop and entire Catholic faithful in Enugu, are apprehensive with the rumour of the insurgents infiltrating the east, especially the alleged recent escape of two buses conveying Boko Haram members in Abia state, during a security check.

“I support the development that henceforth, women will no longer be allowed to enter Catholic churches during masses with hand bags, apart from their purses, which will also be subjected to thorough scrutiny by church workers.

“Before today’s announcement was made, our Bishop had already briefed all the parish priests under the Diocese, so that they can take the message down to their various parishes.

“Though, we known that if God did not guard a city, guard men will be guarding in vein; but there is also need for us as human beings to play our own part, while God plays his own part”.

Meanwhile, Bishop Onaga, has urged members of the Catholic community in the Diocese and elsewhere, to always be security conscious, stressing that the present insecurity challenges confronting Nigeria, had remained a serious source of concern to the church.

The hand bag prohibition, according to the Bishop, will affect every woman, both young and old.

“There will be no sacred cow in its implementation”, a church source said.


Admirable! Greece players ask for World Cup bonuses to be used to build new training centre

Greece players ask for World Cup bonuses to be used to build new training centre

The Greece players have showed just how admirable they are after rejecting their World Cup bonuses – and instead asking for the money to be used to build a new training centre for the team.

The squad detailed their request in a signed letter to the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, on Sunday after qualifying for the last 16 of the tournament in Brazil for the first time in their history.

‘We do not want extra bonus, or money. We only play for Greece and its people,’ Greek media reported the players as writing.

‘All we want is for you to support our effort to find a land and create a sports center that will house our National team.’

The team’s commendable request comes after Cameroon and Ghana were embroiled in rows over their World Cup bonuses recently – with the Ghana FA having to send $3m (£1.8million) to Brazil to resolve the issue.

Greece will be hoping to make it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup when they play Costa Rica in the last 16 in Recife.


Vendor Accidentally Shot Woman At PA Gun Show While Demonstrating Gun


A woman was accidentally shot in the leg at a Bloomsberg, Pa. gun show by a vendor while he was demonstrating a gun holster, according to BloomUToday.

Krista Gearhart told police she was shot in the right leg by Geoffrey Hawk, an Eagle Arms Gun Show vendor.

Gearhart was treated at and released from a local hospital, according to BloomUToday.


African stars at the 2014 BET AWARDS

Davido and Pharrell Williams

Wizkid Caught Staring At Draya Michelle's Butt

Sarkodie and Pharrell Williams

Davido wins African Act Award

Tiwa Savage
TI and Ice Prince

Sunday, 29 June 2014

My story of lesbianism — Amaka Obi

Halima Abubakar
Halima Abubakar
Amaka Obi
Amaka Obi

Curvaceous Nollywood producer, actress and big  boss at Dove House Productions, is a woman who lives in the eye of the storm. If people are not talking about her tiny waist and massive backside, then it is something the backside has done to some hapless guys. Even top singer, D’Banj dropped a line on her on his hit single ‘Miss Endowed’. She is the ‘Amaka Endowed’ the singer sang about.

She is a woman you wouldn’t have to ask what her selling point is, because it is so obvious they come screaming at you. But Amaka would tell you her bum isn’t her favourite body part. “I think the best part of my body is my face. It is my face because if my face is not appreciated by someone, then it would be about lust because all he would be thinking would be about pulling my clothes to see my bum and all that”.

But right now Amaka isn’t talking about her bum, what is on the menu for her is her latest film titled “Lagos Housewives”, a soft drama, where she is giving us the works on lesbianism. According to her, she hasn’t had any direct experience : “I have not had any personal experience whatsoever but I am dismayed by what has been happening in the society. Many young married women take to lesbianism because they are abandoned by their husbands. The trend these days is that foreign based Nigerian men come home, get married, get their wives pregnant and leave for their stations, abandoning the wives and kids. Some of these young married women resort to lesbianism to fill the vacuum their husbands left” she said.

Why I can’t marry a poor man – Ebiwari Etuk

Pretty Nollywood actress, Ebiwari Etuk, isn’t a household name yet, but the Rivers State-born thespian has recorded enough successes to be regarded as a force to be reckoned with, as far as roles intepretation is concerned. Starting with Tale of Hidden Treasure, Ibiwari has gone on to stamp her foot in Nollywood record books with close to twenty other movie efforts.

She is one that would tell you she doesn’t walk the lane of nudity or promiscuity because of her strict upbringing. “My orientation does not permit me to talk about my body sexually. But professionally speaking, my greatest forte as an actress is my ability to interprete any role I’m cast for, almost flawlessly “.

But it doesn’t seem the actress accepts everything that is thrown at her. At least, she isn’t just as green as to accept offers from any man that comes her way. “I can’t marry a poor man. Poor men ain’t confident my dear, because poverty oozes inferiority complex. Confidence arises from who you are, what you are and your ability to impact” she said.

Adding: “ I like a confident man who isn’t easily intimidated, then of course, he has to believe in the existence of the Almighty God. Being responsible for another person or people comes with being confident. To me, the most important thing in a man is his simplicity and other things follow”.
Any man I marry would be lucky to have me — Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar has come a long way in Nollywood and she is currently regarded as one of the best in her trade. Petit, beautiful and curvy Halima doesn’t hide her feelings and seems to know where her bread is buttered. She recently owned up that when she is in Lagos, she dresses as hot as the next Lagos girl, looking on to a hot night out but while in a place like Kano, she dresses down to fit in  with the crowd. A smart girl, you might say.

Halima added another year on Thursday and to celebrate the landmark she entertained a few friends, cut a cake and poured champaign, to make the day flow with enough emotion a bit different from the average day.

But outspoken Halima didn’t end it there as she had a message to her fans and indeed anyone that cared to listen. “If there is one thing I hold  protectively, it is my womanhood.  Yes, I am not a sharer regardless of what has been written about me in 13 years. Yes, 13 years in Nollywood,  its like being born and allowing you to grow on your own. I starved, made friends who made themselves enemies of mine! Still I love you all” she  wrote on her Instagram page.

“I just want to thank you all for the love, lies, hate, encouragement and the  zeal to prove you all wrong. I am a great woman and any man I marry would be lucky to have me. Please, I love the hardship, gossips, rumours and support you all have given me.I remain my loyal self,  Ambasssador Halima Abubakar” she concluded, blowing out some candles on a cake she claimed some friends made for her.

-By Ayo Onikoyi, VanguardNG

I can’t be with any girl but Kim – Kanye

Rapper, Kanye West has revealed his love for his wife, Kim Kardashian saying he  can’t be with any girl but Kim.

Speaking during a discussion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity 2014 in France, Tuesday, Kanye said, “I can’t be with any girl but Kim that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the most.’

The 37-year-old rapper also spoke about how he can only work with ‘No. 1′ people in his life,  including Jay-Z, Kim and Louis Vuitton.

“I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z, because he’s No.1. I can’t be with any girl but Kim, because that’s the girl whose pictures I look at the most and get turned on by. I’m not going to represent any company but Louis Vuitton, because that’s No. 1,” he  said.


Britain is facing a 'major sperm shortage'


Britain is facing a ‘major’ sperm shortage with some clinics relying on imported sperm to meet demands, the British Fertility Society (BFS) has warned.

The deficit in sperm donations could tempt clinics into accepting lower quality sperm in order to "get donors through the door", the BFS chairman, Dr Allan Pacey said.

Dr Pacey told the BBC he was concerned women could be subjected to more invasive procedures if lower quality sperm is used, citing possible examples of sperm being accepted that would be suitable only for injecting into an egg, known as intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection.

"That is putting the woman through more procedures, in terms of eggs being collected, than would be done if sperm of higher quality was collected and she could be treated with a simple insemination,” he explained.

"My worry is clinics may be tempted to bend the rules, I have no evidence that they are, but I think when we have a national sperm shortage they're the kind of things we need to be looking for and warding against."

The decline in the number of sperm donors is thought to be attributed to the removal of the right to anonymity in 2005. One in four donated sperm samples are now from abroad – a sharp increase from one in ten in 2005, according to figures from the fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

According to Dr Pacey, this limits patient choice and increases waiting times, which in turn could increase the chances of risky practices such as DIY insemination from an unregistered donor.

Dr Pacey added: "We do still have a major sperm shortage in the UK.

"The worry is clinics might decide to change the quality of sperm they are willing to accept in order to get donors through the door and I think that's a very dangerous road to go down."

A HFEA spokesperson said: "We expect our clinics to use only donor sperm of a quality that will ensure the best outcome for the patient, and under our code of practice clinics are required to fully inform patients of the different treatment options available to them."


3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

A file photo of a child pointing. (Thinkstock)

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge.

In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe in his previous life. He showed village elders where the murderer buried his body, and sure enough they found a man’s skeleton there. He also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found, and upon digging, they did indeed found an axe there.

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today,” German therapist Trutz Hardo tells this boy’s story, along with other stories of children who seem to remember their past lives with verified accuracy. The boy’s story was witnessed by Dr. Eli Lasch, who is best known for developing the medical system in Gaza as part of an Israeli government operation in the 1960s. Dr. Lasch, who died in 2009, had recounted these astounding events to Hardo.

The boy was of the Druze ethnic group, and in his culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. His story nonetheless had the power to surprise his community.

He was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. The Druse believe, as some other cultures do, that birthmarks are related to past-life deaths. When the boy was old enough to talk, he told his family he had been killed by a blow to the head with an axe.

It is customary for elders to take a child at the age of 3 to the home of his previous life if he remembers it. The boy knew the village he was from, so they went there. When they arrived in the village, the boy remembered the name he had in his past life.

A village local said the man the boy claimed to be the reincarnation of had gone missing four years earlier. His friends and family thought he may have strayed into hostile territory nearby as sometimes happens.

The boy also remembered the full name of his killer. When he confronted this man, the alleged killer’s face turned white, Lasch told Hardo, but he did not admit to murder. The boy then said he could take the elders to where the body was buried. In that very spot, they found a man’s skeleton with a wound to the head that corresponded to the boy’s birthmark. They also found the axe, the murder weapon.

Faced with this evidence, the murderer admitted to the crime. Dr. Lasch, the only non-Druze, was present through this whole process.


5 Sex Positions Women Die To Have

5 Sex Positions Women Die to have

It's time to upgrade your sex life, and to get your partner turned on like never before.

We already knew that women love sex, but have we ever thought of sex positions women really enjoy or feel comfortable while reaching orgasm? There are many sex positions out there, only some of them give more pleasure to women.

Women are always ready to accept and enjoy men's favorite sex positions but women seldom ask for their favourite position(s). The time has come for men to understand what women really want in bed. Remember, great sex happens only when there is a smooth balance between pleasure and comfort.

We bring you five amazing sex positions you need to explore and women always wanted to have.

1. Get dirty with doggy style: Women definitely enjoy doggy style. It is probably one of the best sex positions, and also the most arousing position for men. Make sure to perform this style with intimacy and pleasure.

2. The overused style, missionary position: No doubt, the man-on-woman position is the most common one. It's boring but sex mostly begins with missionary position, and women still like it. In this position women get more intimate with their partners through eye contact.

3. Women like riding, cowgirl style: It's a big turn-on for both the sexes, and perhaps the sexiest sex position. Sometimes women like to dominate men during sex. In this position women can move back and forth and stimulate their G-spot for a big orgasm. You may also try reverse cowgirl position.

4. Get more intimate with spoons position: Side by side sexual position is one of the most comfortable sex positions, and it can really last long. Get naughtier by doing some dirty talk while you can.

5. Out of control, the standing position: Sometimes women want to jump out of the bed and play again in standing position. In this style, she sits on a surface and he thrust her from the front as deeply as he can, and in all likelihood gets the chance to hit the G-spot. Try this position in the kitchen or on a tabletop.

Simply go ahead and give your girl the most amazing orgasm of her life.


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Tinsel Couple: Alex and Florence Okechukwu welcome baby girl!

Tinsel actors Alex and Florence Okechukwu have welcomed their first baby. The baby girl reportedly arrived a few days ago.

The couple who play love birds, Chuks and Ene on the popular MNet series, Tinsel, ‎got married last year, April, 2013.

Interestingly, the two also welcomed their first baby on the series last year.


The next edition of the UEFA Champions League takes shape

FC Barcelona will make its debut in the competition on the 16th or 17th of September / PHOTO: ARXIU-FCB

A total of 55 teams will feature in the qualifying rounds, and only 10 will advance to the group stage. FC Barcelona are one of the 21 teams that are already qualified for the first stage of the tournament

Luis Enrique's FC Barcelona will kick off its bid to win the title on the 16th or 17th of September

The 2014/15 Champions League is taking shape. A total of 32 teams will feature in the tournament, 22 of which are already qualified for the group stage. FC Barcelona are one of the 22 teams that are already qualified for the group stage. The competition will start on the 16th or 17th of September.

The first games of the competition will be the qualifying rounds (1/2 and 8/9 of July), when the first six teams of the first round will battle it out for a spot in the next stage of the qualifiers. Among these six teams are FC Santa Coloma, from Andorra.

The second round of qualifiers will see 31 teams enter the fray, among them former European champions Celtic Glasgow and Steaua Bucharest. The draw for the first and second round of qualifiers took place this Monday in Nyon, Switzerland. Of the 55 teams that will feature in the qualifiers, only 10 will advance to the group stage.

The schedule

The group stage will kick off in September and end on the 9th and 10th of December. The Champions League will return in February (17-18 and 24-25) and March (10-11 and 17-18) with the Round of 16. The quarter-finals will be played on the 14th and 15th and the 21st and 22nd of April, while the semi-finals will be played on the 5th and 6th and 12th and 13th of May. The final is scheduled for the 6th of June 2015, at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.


Amid terror chaos, Nigeria hires US PR firm to shape ‘narrative’

Amid terror chaos, Nigeria hires US PR firm to shape ‘narrative’

WASHINGTON — The hapless Nigerian government has finally found a way to deal with the ruthless Boko Haram terror group — hire a Washington PR firm.
Although the Nigerian government has been unable to contain the group’s string of attacks or bring home 270 schoolgirls the group abducted in April, it just inked a $1.2 million contract with DC powerhouse PR firm Levick to boost its perception around the world, the Hill reported.

Under the terms of the contract, the firm will try to put a shine on the image of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, who is up for re-election in February.
The firm will seek to shape “the international and local media narrative” around Nigeria’s “efforts to find and safely return the girls abducted by the terrorist organization Boko Haram,” according to the contract.

The firm will help “mobilize international support in fighting Boko Haram as part of the greater war on terror.”

Additionally, the firm will publicize “President Goodluck Jonathan Administration’s past, present and future priority to foster transparency, democracy and the rule of law throughout Nigeria.”

The Nigerian government has already gotten some high-profile publicity that spotlighted its crisis — a tweet by First Lady Michelle Obama holding a sign with the hashtag “#Bring Back Our Girls.”

Jonathan cut short a trip to Equatorial Guinea for an African summit after a bomb blast in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Wednesday killed 21 people. Extremists kidnapped 91 more people over the weekend, the Associated Press reported.

Lanny Davis, an executive vice president at the firm, said, “For me, after talking to him, the priority for President Jonathan beyond any is finding and bringing home the girls.”


Police Confiscate Healthy Baby Because It Was Born At Home

Police Seize Healthy Baby Because It Was Home Birth
Image source: midwivesofnj

A Pennsylvania woman claims doctors took her seven-day-old healthy baby and called police and social workers simply because she gave birth at home. She also says that doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital transferred her baby to another hospital without her permission.

“[The doctor] came in the room with a stern look and said if you refuse to transfer her, we WILL CONTACT DHS (Department of Human Services) AND THE POLICE,” said the woman, Fatima Doumbouya.

Doumbouya and her husband refused permission, but they didn’t realize that the doctors had already decided to move their daughter to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she says.

The mother and her husband, Bilal Smith, only learned of the transfer when a nurse told them the baby was being moved. They had never given permission nor signed any paperwork authorizing the action. Doctors informed her that the baby would have to be transferred to Children’s because St. Joseph’s lacked the proper instruments to examine her, she says.

The mother’s nightmare began when she took her daughter to an emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital for a checkup. Doumbouya had given birth at home and had stopped prenatal visits because she felt that she was receiving unnecessary medical treatment.

“I informed her that she cannot physically force me to take my child to another hospital,” Doumbouya wrote at a blog called Ms. Wright’s Way. “I knew what awaited us there were her vaccines and the silver nitrate eye [medicine].”

When the couple objected to the transfer, doctors called the police, she says. Three officers were waiting for them in the next room. The officers forced the couple to go with the baby to the other hospital

A hospital worker later told Doumbouya that the hospital’s action was probably illegal and that she could get her daughter discharged by filling out an AMA (Against Medical Advice) form at the front desk, the mother says.

“When I asked the front desk for those papers, THEY BLATANTLY IGNORED ME,” Doumbouya wrote. “I kept asking and asking, [and] no one would answer me, they all looked at each other and kept doing what they were doing. It was like something out of a movie.”

She contends that she had to wait an hour and a half for an ambulance to come and take her baby to Children’s Hospital. At Children’s Hospital, the baby was subjected to a series of tests and found to be completely healthy.

“They ran test after test after test HOPING TO FIND SOMETHING,” Doumbouya wrote.

The tests were done without her permission. She believes the reason for the tests was to find a pretext for the Department of Human Services to take her baby, she says.

Read more -

Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’

Killing for Jesus? A Texas police officer has written a controversial book in which he justifies killing by invoking his Christian faith.

SWAT Officer Charlie Eipper claims he was confident that Jesus Christ condoned and even supported his use of deadly force after killing a man in the line of duty, and explicates his convictions in his self-published book “Jesus Christ on Killing.”

Eipper says he was motivated to write the book after watching the movie “Rambo IV.” Eipper explains the movie, set in Thailand, hooked up Rambo with missionaries who asked him to take them up the river to Burma:

“He didn’t want to, but finally did. Their boat got taken over by river pirates. He had to kill them to save everybody,” Eipper recalls. “When Rambo was dropping the missionaries off at their destination, the lead missionary was stepping off the boat and turned to Rambo. ‘I know you think what you did is right,’ the missionary said, ‘but it’s never right to take a life.’”

Eipper cringed. “I thought, ‘What if there’s a young believer in Christ watching this? What if it’s somebody who is in the Marine Corps? Or an officer? They’re going to be so confused. They’ll think, ‘Surely this guy is speaking on authority of Scripture.’”

Eipper told the Wichita Falls Times Record that today’s culture embraces Christ as the suffering servant, the lamb of God: “We have trouble viewing him as king, as the one who is coming back as the Lion of Judah, a warrior,” Eipper said. “My last chapter is ‘Jesus, the Man of War.’”

Eipper said he’s researched the Bible regarding the use of deadly force and come to the conclusion that what he is doing is okay, saying, “It’s part of my ministry.”

Eipper said:

“When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war. When he comes back, there will be a whole lot of killing going on.”

Jesus, the man of war? What happened to the Prince of Peace?


Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women And Minorities

Google IO + Avni Shah
Avni Shah, Google's director of product management, speaks to the crowd at the 2014 I/O developers conference.

Google is offering vouchers to any women and minorities interested in learning how to code, CNET's Seth Rosenblatt reports.

In a blog post from Gregg Pollack, CEO of the Code School, Google is paying for three free months for any women and minorities interested in tech to expand their skills. The offer is part of Google’s $50 million “Made With Code” initiative, which aims to help close the gender gap in tech.

While Google is also offering the same vouchers to the women in attendance at its annual I/O developers conference this week, the search giant has released an online application that’s available to women everywhere. Google says its available vouchers for women number in the “thousands.”

This new initiative comes just days after Google published a diversity report that revealed only 30% of its employees are women, while African Americans and Hispanics only comprised 1 and 2% of Google’s tech employees, respectively. Google said the current state of its company diversity is “miles from where we want to be.”

Google did say at its I/O keynote Wednesday, however, that there were twice as many women in attendance compared to last year.

Beyond Google, the Labor Department says only 20% of software developers in the U.S. are women, while only 12% of computer science degrees today go to women.

Megan Smith, vice president of Google’s X division, said the company’s initiative to encouraging women in tech is all about “debugging inclusion.”

“We shouldn’t feel guilty about our biases,” Smith said. “We should wake up and do something about them.”

Read more:

Friday, 27 June 2014

Kanye West accuses new wife Kim Kardashian of hoarding?

According to new reports, Kim and Kanye are butting heads over Kim's obsessive compulsive desire to hoard things…

Sources tell Dish Nation,
"Kim rents two storage lockers and had two rooms in her old house reserved for piles of clothes and shoes she never wears."

"She also keeps years of backdated magazine and newspaper clippings that she's been mentioned in. Kanye doesn't mind that Kim is so self-involved; he just wishes she was more organized about it. He told her to scan it onto a hard drive and to toss the paper trail

"They had their first major post-wedding fight after Kanye threw out boxes of Kim's hoarded items because Kanye says Kim's crap is wrecking his design aesthetic."

"They don't see eye to eye on this topic. Kim was furious after Kanye told her she should go on a show like 'Hoarders.' He warned Kim that he can't live with her if she continues to stockpile useless goods."

Who believes this story? She's confessed on her reality show that she's a hoarder though.

I Married My Husband Because He Impregnated Me; I Regret It ––Actress Juliet Ibrahim

I told you guys that actress Juliet Ibrahim's marriage to her handsome husband has packed up, right? Well the séxy babe has come out to give her side of the story and why she regretted her once happy marriage.

She claims that the marriage was a big mistake in the first place that should never have happened because she only married her Kwadwo after he got her pregnant when they were into "rough playing" things.
As a result of the unplanned pregnancy, Kwadwo agreed to marry her so that they can give the child a home and start a family together. But to her dismay and constant agony, Kwadwo’s family never supported the marriage and even failed to show up during the marriage ceremony in open display of their disapproval and lack of support.
What further made the whole issue worse was that about a year ago, Kwadwo got involved with another lady who also had fair complexion and she started competing with her for the love and affection of her husband...

Juliet got very angry at her husband because the fair complexion of the said lady was as a result of bleaching and she wondered why her husband would fall for somebody like that. LMAO!! Men are unpredictable!

They couldn't manage the crisis that followed hence the marriage collapsed. It was also after the breakup with her husband that her relationship with Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna started.

Juliet Ibrahim's affair with IK Ogbona is kind of shaky but the guy is hoping that they will get along in a bit.

Cossy Orjiakor Exposes All Her Big Stuffs To Celebrate Eagles

Cossy has finally shown us what we have not seen before, those special parts she has been hiding and she said she is doing it for the Super Eagles, after they managed to qualify for the World Cup round of 16.

The busty mama is no longer ashamed and this is just the beginning.

Cossy is sure going crazy! Smh!

National Conference Finally Approves State Police

The National Conference on Thursday voted for the establishment of state police in the country. The conference, which also called on President Goodluck Jonathan to stop pardoning corrupt leaders, however said only states that had the financial capacity to fund state police should create it.

Apart from this, the conference adopted the recommendation by the Committee on National Security, that state laws should be used as a guide for community policing.

But there were a lot of disagreements among the delegates on the mode of transfer of federal policemen to states. While some insisted that police officers should be allowed to serve only in their states for effective policing, others disagreed, saying such a gesture could be misused by politicians.

After a long argument, the conference concluded that...
At least 70 percent of federal police officers from the rank of Deputy Superintendent to Constable, should be allowed to serve in their states of origin.

Before the state police proposal was adopted, there were debates by delegates on what the mode of operation of the state police should be and whether there would not be any superiority battle between the federal and state police.

Some delegates were of the opinion that there would be conflict of command and operations between the federal and state police. They argued that there was no way both could work together without rancour.

They raised concern 0ver the possibility of harmonious coexistence of both federal and state police in states, considering the fact that their duties might overlap.

One of the delegates, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, said that state police should be autonomous and should operate as a coordinate with the federal police.

On his part, Femi Falana (SAN), said, “The state police will police and maintain state laws while the federal police will maintain federal laws.”

Chelsea Makes €20m Offer For Emenike

Chelsea still have their eyes on Nigeria striker Emmanuel Emenike and the team have lodged a surprise €20m offer with Turkish giants, Fenerbahce. What more, they are ready to wrap a deal which will turn out to be one of Europe’s most quickest, if not unpredictable forwards once the World Cup concludes.

Emenike has spent less than 12 months with Fenerbahce after completing a late switch to Istanbul from Spartak Moscow last summer, but Turkish newspaper Fanatik is reported by the Metro to believe that Chelsea are chasing fresh strike cover in a move that has come completely out of the blue.

Emenike is currently strutting his stuff for Nigeria at the World Cup. Big money on the way for him!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

‘I can’t date Nollywood actor’

*Judith Audu

Fast rising actress-turned-blogger, Judith Audu who has starred in several Nollywood flicks including Seekers, Burning Spears, Huzzel, 4 Walls, Comfort Zone, and Life is Beautiful, may have had some dates before she delved into acting. But now, as an actress, she has vowed never to have anything to do with a Nollywood actor.

She made this declaration while in an online interview with HVP. Audu, whose first love is acting, said, “ I have people I admire their acting skills and crave to work with. But I don’t have a crush on anyone and I am hardly attracted to fellow actors.”

The Edo State-born actress believe that her veering into acting was accidental. According to her, “I didn’t believe I could end up as an actress because I wasn’t so bold to stand and express myself if front of people. But I wished I could and was so happy when I was bold enough to take the step out.”

Describing her ideal man as one that “listens and motivates me, makes me laugh, brings out the best in me, a hardworking, and understanding man,” Audu said, even though she is still climbing the ladder of success in her chosen profession, she’s indeed living out her dreams.

Audu is combination of brain and beauty. Apart from acting, she’s also a model, blogger, voice-over artiste and a foodie as she likes to call herself. She has been around for quite sometime. A holder of B.A degree in French and Masters in Public and International Affairs, the actress admits that her heart is with the arts.

- See more at:

Assemblies of God Church: N150 million looted within 6 weeks – Rev Paul Emeka cries out

The embattled General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, Rev Prof Paul Emeka had alleged  that  over N150 million naira was looted by the Rev Chidi Okoroafor led illegal executives  just within six weeks of his purported suspension and that by now it is clocking close to half a billion naira. Speaking with Rev Obinna Akukwe, a church leader and Director of Media of General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM) who led a team of gospel ministers on a mediatory mission to resolve the crisis in the once prestigious Assemblies of God Church, the cleric said that he is ready for dialogue with those who wanted to remove him at all costs. He also said that he is ready to
forgive those who dragged his name to the mud in the interest of peace in the body of Christ.

GAAICOM officials also obtained a copy of his official reply to the allegations of administrative and financial misconduct which led to his controversial suspension in March 2014.  Rev Paul Emeka claimed that within six weeks of his purported suspension, the usurpers have already looted about N150 million naira and even went as far as forging his signature on a cheque of N9million naira. According to the cleric “these illegal men have looted and spent more than N150 million of the General Council funds. They keep holding these illegal meetings with the District Superintendents and Treasurers from zone to zone, telling them how they would remit money to them. They have opened new accounts because I keep blocking any existing accounts I discover. They are mercilessly dealing with the General Council funds with which they service their numerous lawyers and members of their think-tank whom they quarter in various places to keep manipulating the church and the court with lies. They even forged my signature on a cheque of N9 million on March 18. Thank God that the bank alerted me promptly”.

Rev Emeka dismissed his suspension as illegal and unconstitutional. Implying vindictive motive behind his purported removal, he said that “Suspension as a form of discipline in the Assemblies of God is designed to serve a spiritual and holy purpose and not to achieve political and vindictive purpose. The purported suspension pronounced on me on March 6, 2014 was the meanest exercise of discipline. It was motivated by hatred, god-fatherism, envy and opportunism. It fell short of a legal General Committee.”. Going further the embattled General Superintendent told Rev Akukwe and other clerics  that his suspension followed the usual unconstitutional means whereby Nigerian politicians remove people from office without recourse to laid down procedures and believes that there is “ a moral duty on me to resist this type of imposition so that it does not become a custom in the Assemblies of God Church whereby a few persons can just gang up and use force to remove an elected church leader without following the laid down procedure“.

Rev Emeka believes that there was no quorum for the meetings neither were the right participants in attendance implying that the committee that suspended him was an illegal one. According to him “The body that pronounced that suspension was a wrong one. The so-called General Committee did not have up to twenty unit heads out of about 105 unit heads. In other words, it didn’t have a quorum. In the roll call, according to the video, majority of the Districts were absent. Observers were used as voting members. This was in addition to the fact that the process was wrong. The GS is the only one authorized by the constitution to call for a General Committee.”. Clarifying further the cleric said that “The Ambassadors of the Kingdom filled the hall. The Ambassadors were to participate only if their Districts delegated them to come. But being Ambassadors did not automatically qualify them to be there and do business. Rather, they were supposed to be there as a party having a case with the GS. Unfortunately, it was the Ambassadors who wrote petitions against me, they judged me, convicted me, condemned me and punished me. They moved the motions to nail me, These were the same people who signed the petition against me.”

Rev Emeka decried the unholy involvement of the immediate past General Superintendent, Rev Dr Charles Osueke in the plot to unseat him and described the entire plot as “the unholiest plot of the century. It was anything but holy. It was driven by hate, a long-held desire to revenge a perceived a personal wrong. It was driven by a passionate desire to make good his plot to enthrone his god-son Chidi Okoroafor.”

Clarifying further on his claims the cleric said that “It is necessary to inform you, according to their video tape, that even before coming to the meeting, they had decided what to do to me, and the least of these evil plots was to step me down. This they decided to do even when they had not heard from me. During the meeting, they used votes to decide whether I would be stepped down or be suspended. In Assemblies of God, we do not use votes to decide the suspension of a person. You cannot decide the punishment of an adulterer, a thief, etc. with votes. Therefore, if I really had sinned and they knew it, there wouldn’t have been any need to vote to decide which discipline to mete out on me.”

Rev Paul Emeka alleged that his travails began when he decided to introduce financial propriety into the system. He decried a situation whereby in Evangel University, within the first month of operation brought a salary bill of N6 million naira and in the second month the salary was jerked to N9 million while by the third month it escalated to N13 million even when a student population of 73 does not justify such increment. He claimed to have complained that they were employing staff for the university without due consultation to the point that 135 staff were serving 73 students within a few months of operation and his complaints was misinterpreted as disloyalty to the status quo.

Rev Paul Emeka also believed that his proposal to increase the pension of retired pastors of the church brought him in conflict with an interest that wants their retired pastors to continue to suffer. He wondered why they preferred to use pastor’s fund to run offices rather than increase pension to pastors. According to him “As at last year, the pastors fund generated N2.5 billion from the time that scheme started, all that had been paid to the pastors was only N123million in 16 years, up to N300 million and more was spent on office.

The purpose of that scheme was not to run office or other things but to help our pastors in retirement but many of them are suffering and we felt free to our conscience to allow them in that state and pay lip service to our holiness. “

Meanwhile a senior cleric in the church who is part of the arrowhead of the suspension of General Superintendent, have claimed that the  main issues against Rev Paul Emeka has to do with introduction of strange practices in the church. Speaking to Rev Akukwe and GAAICOM officials on condition of anonymity, the cleric claimed that “Rev Paul Emeka introduced the wearing of rings, worldly dancing and singings into the church and is on a mission to radicalize the spiritual structure of the church. He is giving prominence to some Evangelists in the church who are preaching prosperity at the expense of holiness and the Ambassadors have to salvage the church before the devil takes over”.

He described Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as the man that will take the church to the next levels and expressed optimism that the meeting of the General Council scheduled for the 26th of June will finally “throw Rev Emeka out of the place for sanity to prevail”.


Healthy Living: Kanye West Builds State-Of-The-Art Hospital In His Home

Healthy Living: Kanye West Builds State-Of-The-Art Hospital In His Home

The Yeezus rapper is putting his family’s wellbeing top of his priority list, and is said to be installing a state of the art screening room at his Bel Air pad, which is still undergoing renovations.

Wife Kim Kardashian, and baby daughter North, one, will be protected from any medical threats with a team of on-call doctors.

‘The special suite will include an X-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound and blood-taking facilities,” a family friend confided to British newspaper Daily Star.
‘Other celebrities such as Madonna have taken similar measures in the past, but not on such a grand and costly scale.”

Kanye, 37, has spoken openly about his battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the past, and even credits the mental health condition with fuelling his career and his need to succeed.

The team of health experts working for the superstar couple will reportedly be on hand to check them over, should the stars need it.

‘The facilities will enable the family to monitor their sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

‘They will also have a team of private doctors around the clock, daily visits from top nurses and a full paediatric team for North,” the source said.


Nigerian man detained on psychiatric ward for “atheism”

Mubarak Bala from his bed in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
Mubarak Bala from his bed in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

A Nigerian man has been detained and medicated for over a week on a psychiatric ward in Kano state, Nigeria, on the grounds that he is an atheist, his lawyer confirmed today.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is deeply concerned about the case, for the welfare of the detained man, and the human rights violation that his detention represents.

Communicating by email and Twitter from a secreted smartphone, Mubarak Bala was able to raise the alarm that he has been held against his will at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital since Friday 13 June.

Reaching activists online early last week, he explained that he had been detained at the hospital on the grounds of a “personality change” because, having been raised in a Muslim family, he is now an atheist.

After one doctor dismissed claims of psychiatric problems, Mubarak’s family alleged that he also made delusional claims that he was a “governor”, Mubarak said. They also told “other trivial lies they could come up with”, including insinuations that his writing and activism on the Almajiri was a sign of madness, simply because it is “too big for me to initiate change”.

He wrote: “And the biggest evidence of my mental illness was large blasphemies and denial of ‘history’ of Adam, and apostacy [sic], to which the doctor said was a personality change, that everyone needs a God, that even in Japan they have a God. And my brother added that all the atheists I see have had mental illness at some point in their life.”

Mubarak had been somewhat open about his disagreement with religion, in a deeply Islamic part of the country. Soon after he was detained at the hospital posts appeared on Mubarak’s Facebook profile indicating that he was now a Muslim again. However, from the hospital, Mubarak wrote: “The fact that immediately I’m sedated they could take my phone and post [on Facebook] the Islamic Shahada proved their real intent, and family members (females) have been wailing that I’m bound for hell, so they had to make a move.”

Instructed by Bamidele Adeneye, secretary of the Lagos Humanists (an IHEU member organization) a lawyer has visited Mubarak in the hospital and has taken up the case.

Bamidele told IHEU, “Kano is a Sharia state and there are many similar cases occurring, where people are forcefully oppressed just because of their beliefs or for conservative religious reasons, or for the “honour” of their family. Often though you only hear about it afterwards, if at all. This is a rare chance to intervene while someone is in dire need and is still alive.”

For IHEU, Bob Churchill said, “It appears that a warped notion of family honour is the motivation to pressure Mubarak in this appalling manner, to conform to religious views that he simply doesn’t hold. This is an abhorrent violation of his freedom of thought and belief.

“In addition we are seriously concerned about Mubarak’s deteriorating condition. At his request, the lawyer has tried to take him some decent food, because Mubarak is weak and his hands were shaking after a week under medication. Also Mubarak’s messages, when he was still able to get messages out, have gone from almost bemused at his situation — saying “how funny” it was that his family equated atheism with mental illness — to quite desperate in recent days as the prospect of a quick release has diminished.

“We are joining with humanists and human rights advocates in Nigeria and the activists who have worked to highlight this case, in calling for an immediate re-evaluation of Mubarak’s case by a doctor who is entirely independent of the family, and for his swift release. We stress that holding naturalistic or atheistic views is a normal and reasonable position, that no one should be detained as a psychiatric patient for holding such beliefs, and that holding such beliefs is a human right under Article 18 of the relevant international treaties.”


This Babe Went Completely Naked At A Pool Party

Naija Babe

When you see horrible things folks does at the Party, you ask yourself if they have been drugged to do so because somethings are just unthinkable. We have been looking at the Photo above for hours and we are finding it difficult to point out why a lady will go this far in a party… Yes it’s a party and the babe you are seeing in the above photo is not even a Stripper

Naija Babe

Naija Babe

Naija Babe

Venus Williams poses nude for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue

Five-time Wimbledon champion and nine-time Grand Slam winner, Venus Williams poses all-nude in the 6th annual ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, which hits newsstands on July 11.

2face Idibia slams N100million lawsuit against Icon magazine for libel


2face Idibia has slammed a N100million suit against soft-sell magazine, Icon Weekly, for libel. The Media/Entertainment Law Firm of L & A- Legal Consultants has filed libel proceedings on behalf of 2face, at the Ikeja High Court asking the court to award their client the sum of N100million being damages for the libelous publication posted on the magazine’s online and print platforms.

In March this year, Icon alleged that 2face committed adultery by impregnating a 'Lagos top banker' who is supposedly his account officer in one of the new generation banks and that infact, the lady had every intention of keeping the baby. The story went viral, which 2face later denied.

A source close to the music icon said the story, which was found to be false, made 2face lose a very lucrative deal and caused ripples between him and his wife. Icon weekly is said to have approached 2face’s team for discussions on a possible out of court settlement.

2face Idibia's father starts treatment for cancer


The father of music superstar 2face Idibia was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. 2face himself revealed this early this month while speaking at a cancer charity event at Eko Hotel, in Lagos.

The good news is that he Mr Idibia was diagnosed early and has started the required treatment.

"He is fine and there is really no problem. He was diagnosed early and he has started the required treatment. 

He will be fine. It is just one of those things. The family will get through it. The whole family is behind him and most importantly God is behind him too." 2face said

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

She Know Say Sex No Be Problem – I Have No Problem Sleeping With A Friend – Joselyn Dumas

Popular T.V host Joselyn Dumas has explained she has no problem having sex with a friend because it can actually be a good indicator for upgrading a friendship into a relationship.

Joseyln, who was a participant discussing a controversial topic “can a man and a woman be just friends” on Super Morning Show Friday, said friends with benefits, comes with no pressure or obligations that characterize the tag of being somebody’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Joining in to share their thoughts was Joy FM producer Sedem Ofori, Ghana’s popular playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte and writer, Nana Darkowaa Sekyiamah.

From Left to Right: Sedem Ofori, Joselyn,Nana Darkowaa,Uncle Ebo and Kojo Yankson nestled in the middle.

Uncle Ebo Whyte who believed sex complicates friendships said “it is possible [for man and a woman to be just friends] but the moment sex comes in the whole dimensions of a relationship changes, friendship should be allowed to grow” he said.

Sedem thought holding off sex in a friendship is in itself evidence that the possibility is real and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Relaxed and beaming, Joseyln threw out the fear of sex ruining a friendship, suggesting that while men and women can just be friends, sometimes sex could be needed to test if a relationship is possible.

“I think that when there is a tag in a relationship, it becomes a problem, then the expectations are quiet high, but when you have a friend with benefits you see how it goes, if it goes well, and we eventually decides that we are going to take it a step further, Kudos, but once this is my boyfriend, this is my girlfriend or am married, there is that pressure, I don’t personally like that, so I will have a friend with benefit”

Overall, the comments suggested that men and women might have very different goals and motives for “friendships“. Each looks at the responsibilities in friendship and love a bit differently.

As a result, men and women tend to co-create this friend zone confusion.

By: Victor Brachie/