Thursday, 17 April 2014

“When Rape Is Inevitable, Lie Back And Enjoy It”, Says Former Mayor Barbara Driver!

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The former mayor apologised after likening housing development to a sex attack, saying “when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” during a council meeting.

 Barbara Driver, stunned colleagues by using the phrase to describe how powerless planners are to control a housing development. She said: “There is a saying and I am going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

Cllr Driver is now facing calls to resign from Cheltenham Borough Council after her “repulsive” comments provoked fury from colleagues, constituents and sex abuse charities. The 77-year-old – who last year led a report looking at sexual exploitation – has apologised but said she doesn’t intend to stand down.

Speaking from her home on Friday she said: “Unfortunately it was wrong what I said. By no way do I condone rape – it is atrocious. ”I was trying to put across – badly I will say – the fact of developers having not put much social and affordable housing in and the council saying we can’t do anything about it. ”But I used a term that I had heard years ago without thinking. It was totally dreadful. it was done without thinking about the rape bit. I know that sounds silly.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Peter Jeffries, lead member for safeguarding, said: “I think she let herself down and she let the council down.

Source: telegraph

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