Friday, 21 March 2014

The Day My Boobs Fall Out From My Bra ––Actress Sarraphina

Voluptuous actress, Sarraphina Onyekachi Amaechi, a public administration graduate, has come a long way in the movie industry. The ebony beauty is respected and appreciated for her talent. Her rise to prominence did not come as a result of her using her "oranges" to dazzle men in the movie industry, according to her, she took the stairs, savouring every bit of pain and gain along the way.

But her oranges continue to put her in the searchlight of men, everywhere she goes. In fact. Serraphina said her boobs are becoming rebellious. Sharing an experience where the "big oranges" cause a stir, she said:
“The breasts are becoming more and more aggressive by the day. One fateful day I was traveling, just at the airport, as I just bent down to open my bag, my breasts fell out like bombs. I was so embarrassed but then that is part of me and I am proud of it.”

On taking up a nudé role in a Nollywood movie, Serraphina said...

"It’s not about the money but more about telling the story as it were. I can act in a porn movie but I can never go nudé myself. If I have to act with somebody, they use a body double to do the acting, that’s fine.
But as for me, I can never go nudé. If you insist that I must act nudé, then you have to use a body double.”

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