Monday, 3 March 2014

Sex Tip: How to Master foreplay. Part 1.

Foreplay is the one thing women can’t get enough of – OK, there are a few other things as well, but it is an important one.
Unlike their male counterparts, female bodies need help conjuring the lust and lubrication required for intercourse. All of this can be achieved through foreplay, which will also help your lady friend feel desired by you; if you simply want to jump her bones, she’ll feel more like a machine designed to get you off. Now, each woman is different, and some might like to get right to it without any foreplay, but the odds are that your girl will need to grease the wheels first.

That said, here are five foreplay tips that’ll help you turn everyday frolicking into something that will have any woman you seduce begging for satisfaction.

1.Talk and tease

During foreplay, the power of suggestion (especially with some dirty talk) can be as important as any physical beginnings. If you can describe how you want to touch her, where and with which of your body parts, she’ll visualise it easily and eagerly. If you know how to have sex with her brain (it is a major sexual organ), you can bet that she’ll be begging you to have sex with the rest of her in due time.

If you need to touch her while you dirty talk her during foreplay, avoid touching her breasts and vagina. Instead, focus your mouth and hands on her neck, wrists, inner thighs, lower back, and ears.

2. Get started in public

Foreplay doesn’t need to be restricted to the bedroom or inside four walls. If you and your girlfriend don’t start crying at the thought of public displays of affection (PDA), try doing some fun things out in the open. And by fun things, I mean such things as rubbing her breasts, kissing her passionately while having drinks at a bar or dirty dancing at a nightclub. Make an effort to turn her on wherever you are.

If you show her that she turns you on via PDA, when you finally do find yourselves in a private situation, the good times will lead to some carnal indulgences.

Enjoy your sex life.

Part Two follows shortly…


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