Sunday, 30 March 2014

Reasons why our sisters are not getting married by De Sammy
South African president Jacob Zuma, 68, celebrates his fifth marriage (37-year-old becomes third current wife)

What could be the reason why our sisters are not
getting married? Let us look at my few reasons: bitter truth shaaa

1. Lack of Respect: It is obvious that our sisters are
too full of themselves. Throughout my years in the
university, I hardly see any young girl that greets her
male colleagues even those in higher levels. We know
that this is Africa where men value respect. Our
sisters have this mindset that men have to worship
them because they have womanliness which every
man is clamoring for but they are wrong. Men
equally have joystick that they need. Why are our
women suffering from moral decay? I know a young
girl that got married simply because she shows too
much respect to everybody she sees and one day she
did so to a multimillionaire who eventually married
her. The girl in question is ugly but many beautiful
girls need a miracle to be like her.

2. Ego and Pride: The more education our girls get,
the more they feel too pompous. Men are looking for
a wife who will be submissive enough to reason with
him so that they can join hands and build a family.

3. Parasitism: I am truly sorry if I refer to some of
sisters as parasites. However, the truth is bitter but it
must be told. I feel bad when girls list ridiculous
criteria of the type of man they want to marry. The
fact is that, they don't have what it takes to attract
such men. A girl who can't construct a correct
sentence in English wants to marry a first class
graduate who works in shell or Total. Why? So that
the dude can pay all her bills and equally cater for the
needs of her siblings. Also, my guy will make up for
her mental weakness. Funny enough, a first class or
2.1 graduate is wise enough to determine what is
good for him.

4. Fake lifestyle: Pinging with the latest blackberry
and telling a lot of lies on how rich your parents are
will never make him love you. Be sincere for once.
Your lies can only attract play boys and gold diggers.

5. Tribalism: Don't be surprised my people. I talk out
of experience. Many girls and even men will NEVER
marry you if you are not from their tribe.

6. Selfishness: This a- me-alone attitude is common
among some girls. Your need N50,000 for shopping
from your man who can't boast of a single nice shirt
in his wardrobe. To you, all that matters is collecting
the money and buying all sorts of expensive dresses
whereas your fiancé looks like an errand boy.

7. Hyper-selective: Believe you me, the kind of man
some women want to marry do not exist on this
planet earth. The only perfect person worthy of their
ridiculous criteria is Jesus Christ of Nazareth and if
God were to become man, they will never marry.

God bless ƔϑU

De Sammy

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