Monday, 24 March 2014

Police Arrest 7 Suspects Over Discovery of Skulls In Ibadan, Victim Recounts Ordeal

The Oyo State Police command has arrested seven suspects in connection with  discovery of skulls in an abandoned building at Soka area of Ibadan last Saturday.

According to the police, no fewer than seven suspects have been arrested. This was disclosed by the command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Olabisi Ilobanafor yesterday, in Ibadan.

Decomposing bodies, skulls, human parts and some half-dead people  believed to have been hypnotised by the ritualists were found in the bush.

Among the suspects arrested were two persons caught in the area and five security personnel working in a nearby company.

While vowing that the command would take  all necessary steps to bring all culprits to book, Ilobanafor said the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, had swung into action that would lead to the arrest of other suspects.

Explaining further how the den was discovered, she recalled  that a group of 100 area boys had invaded the Toll gate behind state urban Mass Transit Yard, located at Soka in search of two missing cyclists when they discovered an uncompleted building where two women and five women were found chained and totally unkempt.

While one Abideen Akanmu who claimed to have been employed by one Gbadamosi was arrested, the police are on the trail of the leader of the gang  who is now at large.

All the suspects  arrested, she added would be charged with murder and unlawful possession of fire arms. The captives rescued from the bush, she said, had been taken to hospital for treatment while corpses found were also deposited at the morgue.

Items recovered at the building were three Dane Guns, three single  barrel, one bow, 16 arrows,  22 cutlasses,  40 live cartridges, seven table knives, one axe, two iron files  and one handset.

One of the victims that were rescued by the police at Soka forest, Ibadan, Oyo State, which is believed to be a ritual killers’ den, said she was kidnapped in September 2013.

The victim, whose name is being withheld for security purpose, is currently recuperating with seven other victims in Adeoyo Hospital, Ibadan.

No fewer than 20 decomposing bodies were discovered in the forest on Saturday, while about 23 others were rescued alive.

They were taken to different hospitals in the city, with eight of them – four men and four women – in Adeoyo Hospital.

The woman, who was still weak from her experience, told newsmen that she knew she left her home in September and since then could not remember anything until Saturday when she was rescued.

She said, “I remember that I left my home in Okebola and was going to Challenge. I entered a taxi and that is the only thing I can remember until police rescued us yesterday (Saturday).”

When asked whether she did not see her captors killing people and selling their parts, she said, “I think such thing happened, but it did not really register because my mind was blank.

“I can recollect seeing people falling down, I can remember that some were taken away and they never returned, but really, it did not mean anything to me until Saturday. It was as if I woke up from a slumber.”

At this point, the victim countenance changed as if she went into a trance. Many questions asked by our correspondent went unanswered.

We also observed that other victims were yet to regain their full strength.

They muttered words that were disjointed, but the nurses said they would regain full mental and physical ability.

They said two days of treatment was not enough to cure them completely, having been chained and maltreated for a long time.

No doctor was around to attend to our correspondent, but it was gathered that two of the victims were able to give their names.


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