Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lady posts her younger sister’s Naked pictures on Facebook as revenge

A hot scandal has just erupted on Facebook. Monica, a Zimbabwean lady, has lost her mind after busting her younger sister having s*x with her Nigerian Boyfriend. So mad is the sister that she decided the most befitting way to humiliate her sister by posting her unclad pictures on her Facebook Wall .

Details to the whole thing are still sketchy but one of our Facebook page followers tipped us and we managed to go undercover and access her Facebook account. Her sister is currently not entertaining communication from anyone. We managed to gather the n*de photos of the sister as well as the boyfriend identified as Martin.

We wonder what could have driven the younger sister to cause such a shame to her sister, but then there is a myth that Nigerian Men are particularly well endowed when it comes to bedroom apparatus. They are also known to lavishly pamper and spoil their ladies. So perhaps this could have been the motivating factor, of course scandals like these happen everyday, but the sister's reaction has just been epic!


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