Sunday, 9 March 2014

A University Student Confesses to have infected 324 Men with HIV and plans to infect more

A nineteen year old female student of the University of Kabarak, Kenya is on a revenge mission. She got infected with HIV out of sheer carelessness, and now she is on a vengeful mission of making men pay for her mistake.
Here is her story as she told it.

I’m 19 and a second year student of Kabarak University. I joined this college as a virgin. Although, I’ve had boyfriends before, my parents are strict, so having sex was never on my mind. September 22nd, 2013 is a day I’ll never forget. We went clubbing in town with some senior students and we got drunk. We went back to the hostel for a second round of partying. I remember less, but I remember waking up naked with my vagina hurting next to some guy named Javan. I knew he had sex with me when I was drunk. I asked him if he used a condom and he said, “Yes”. However, when I was taking my bath I noticed semen down there. I was broken. I wanted to commit suicide. I feared getting pregnant and HIV. I took contraceptives and hoped I was HIV free.

In November, I tested positive to HIV. I felt like cutting off my neck. I confronted the guy. He insisted that he was clean and that I got it somewhere else. I was so depressed and I took alcohol to die. I even bought poison. The pain was just unbearable. How was I going to face the world? I gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life.

Something came up in my mind that I should take revenge on men. I hated men and didn’t want to be near any man. My future had been ruined. Somehow, someone had to pay.

After private therapies and sessions, I gained strength. Not even my parents or friends knew of my condition. I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer. I know I am attractive, and men both the married and unmarried chase men left, right and centre. Luckily, my body has remained good and if anything, my curves got better something you men like.

I buried the good girl in me and became a bad girl. My goal was to infect as many as possible. So far, from December to this time I have infected 324 men. I make sure to write down the list of infected men which Keep secretly. When I am on my death bed I will release it.

I know I have nothing left to do on earth but to wait for my death. Before I die, men will get it. My target is to infect over 2000. Pregnancy is out of the question because I am on contraceptives. I just do it “raw” which most men like. My looks and body work greatly for me. They don’t question anything.

Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly 4 people per day. I will continue to sleep around, you never know, your husband, boyfriend, brother or father may have slept with me. You men destroyed my life, and you will pay for it. I don’t have any regrets at all. I have had one today and got two more lined up to receive it.

A vindictive mission. As it is in Kenya, so it is in Nigeria. There are HIV positive girls in Nigeria who are on revenge missions. So men be careful.

[Source: News Chronicle]

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