Monday, 24 February 2014


OKOMFO OFORIWAA EXPLAIN WHY SHE IS NOT A FETISH PRIEST,BUT SHE IS A TRADITIONAL PRIEST,Please let me start from this section Some missionaries came to our coast and saw our ancestors sitting under a tree worshipping God. What they ever they cooked and eat under the tree, they smeared the tree with food whenever they kill any animal to sacrifice to God, they smeared the tree with the blood, because they see God the creator and almighty in the living trees. The missionaries who saw this gave it many derogatory names. They called it among other fetish!the question that arose is ,what is the meaning of FETISH?FETISH is a Portuguese word `FETICO` simple means a thing that is created by the human hand for the purpose of worship. This word was corrupted into English FETISH, meaning and describing the same as in Portuguese. The missionaries who describing the worship of our ancestors under tree as fetish, went behind our ancestors and cut the tree and made a wooden cross out of the tree, and they are now telling me and you to kneel under the wooden cross and pray and worship God ……without accepting the principle of inconceivable power of God, no one can understand God. Some people claim that they have faith in God, but their own reasoning tells them that there is no God. So they simply believe that God is in heaven and therefore they cannot see him. Yes, they see the sand with their senses but they cannot see the one who has made the sand. There lies the difference. The African Religion sees God always. They hear him and see him in the sand, the stones, the mountains, the trees and rivers, etc. Africans science teaches that God resides in all these things. God never runs out and never diminishes. Here on earth, petrol can runs out, the electric plant can wear out, but the sun will shine forever from eternity to eternity. Man can grow old, lose his energy and become weak, but God is always the same and expands into unlimited forms. The supreme God is situated in everyone’s heart, in the stones. God is everywhere. No one can say that` God is like this’ or God is like that’. Everything is God because he is absolute.

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