Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nigerian dad 'locked son's mouth with PADLOCK because he wouldn't stop screaming then beat him to death'

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE Chris Elvis, 30, believed his son Godrich was possessed by the devil and blamed him for a recent run of misfortune, police say.

A Nigerian dad has been arrested after allegedly locking his son's mouth with a padlock to stop him screaming before beating him to death.

Chris Elvis, 30, believed his son Godrich was a 'devil child' and blamed the boy for a recent run of ill-fortune, police in the capital Lagos say.

He burned the boy all over his body with a hot iron, beat him and locked him a plastic drum, according to court documents.

Elvis, a security guard, was arrested after the child's mother returned home and discovered the horrific scene, the IB Times reports.

Police say initially appeared mentally unstable but is not fit to be charged.

Religious leaders in Nigeria often claim children are possessed by the devil and blame them for local disasters.

Other children accused of witchcraft have been bathed in acid, poisoned to death or buried alive, according to the UK-based charity Stepping Stones.

The tragedy emerged after Islamic terrorists shot or stabbed to death 29 boys during a raid on a boarding school in Nigeria yesterday.

The feared Boko Haram group torched the secondary school to the ground at 2am.

The group has killed ­thousands of people during more than four years of attacks, making it the biggest security threat in Africa’s top oil-producing country.


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