Friday, 28 February 2014

Meet Africa’s Robot Traffic Warden

The early morning traffic congestion in Accra and other major cities in Africa can be very irritating, to say the least.

There is usually an aggravated repeat of the traffic jam during the evening rush hour.

To manage the traffic congestion, several methods have been explored including expanding existing roads and creating alternative routes, the use of traffic lights and the help of traffic wardens, all in an effort to lessen the woes of commuters.

The latest addition to traffic control mechanisms in the continent is the robot traffic wardens in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Two humanoid robots have been employed the in the Central African country as road safety workers, to control the flow of vehicles and help drivers and other road users.

They have special features, which enable them to work as normal human wardens, with the added advantage of not getting tired.

The robots were built by WITECH ONG, a local engineering firm in the DRC. Is Africa rising to the challenge of contributing to the technological revolution? Share your thoughts with us.


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